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We are feeding starving families and helping them to sanitize during this lockdown.

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

For the proper growth and development of a child, he or she has to be fed well, children in vulnerable families are malnourished simply because their parents cannot afford to sustain their families with enough food.

Many families can spend a day without eating a meal or spending a full day by taking only a cup of tea. As the government imposed a total lockdown, the situation worsened because most parents work hand to mouth, which means no work or food. The

In the 2020 lockdown, we thank you for helping us to extend support to thousands of starving children and youth with food, sanitizers, and study materials to disadvantaged families. Your support helped to hold parents and guardians at home with home and helped them to abide by the stay-home directives by the government because they got something to eat.

The lockdown without food and other essentials will facilitate the spread of Covid-19 because people will be forced to disobey the Stay at Home directive in search of essentials and this will at the end make them infected with Covid-19.

Through our feeding program and with your support, we have laid a strategy of keeping children and parents at home by providing food and sanitizers. This will help families locked at home with out food and essentials to follow the government directives of staying at home and thus controlling the spread of the pandemic.

Since the lockdown started, we have tried to distribute food and essentials and also sending mobile money support to to the most vulnerable families that are starving during this lockdown and we are determined to continue distributing but due to the limited funds we are cannot provide this support again.

This is where your support is greatly needed and this is what your support can do.

£6 ($8) (€ 8) (UGX: 28,000) will buy ingredients to make 10 litres of proven effective liquid soap.

£18 ($22) (€20) (UGX: 78,500) will provide a food parcel containing (5kgs of maize flour, 5kg of rice, 1.5 kgs of sugar, 5kgs of beans) for one family of four members for two weeks.

Donate a Food Parcel: (£18) ($22) (€20) per week for a family of 4 members

Anything helps! DONATE your way on to provide much-needed essentials – food, sanitizers, and education opportunities for less privileged families.

Thank you for whatever you can contribute.

“They are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread” Mahatma Gandhi

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