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Kids Christmas Party

and Gifts Programme

The Christmas season is fast approaching and we always love to give you the opportunity to give a gift to less privileged children. A year ago, no one would expect the world to change so drastically. We're facing a Christmas like never before - a Christmas with face masks and restricted access to friends and family.


While Christmas is the season of the year where families and friends come together and share love, rejoice, eat together, give each other gifts, have fun and feel at home. But for so many children, families, and individuals in the communities where we operate, and those who rely on the help of Youth With A Vision, Christmas is a time of struggle and hardship, and it is always the same like on the other days of the year. No rice, no meat, no soda, no gift to open. Instead, they just smell meat and chicken from their financially stable neighbours. And on Boxing Day they will flood garbage bins to pick up meat that was thrown from the remaining of Christmas. They will also fight for empty boxes that contain gifts that were donated by families and friends.

Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, every year we organize a Christmas party for the less privileged children including those sponsored and not sponsored, and we provide them with a special Christmas meal and small gifts to open on Boxing Day. During the party, children act out a play about the birth of Jesus, have fun, feast and experience the love of those who have sponsored their meal and gifts. 


For this year's Christmas, we won't bring children together for a party due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, we will distribute door-to-door food and gift Parcels to homes where the children stay. 


Please SHARE a Meal and a Gift with the less privileged children, families and individuals.

If you can, please this is what your gift can do.

£15 provides a food parcel for 1 child and his or her family this Christmas.

£30 provides 2 food parcels for 2 children and their families this Christmas.

£60provides 4 food parcels for 4 children and their families this Christmas.

£120 provides 8 food parcels for 8 children and their families this Christmas.

£240 provides 20 food parcels for 20 children and their families this Christmas.

£480 provides 40 food parcels for 40 children and their families this Christmas.

£960 provides 80 food parcels for 80 children and their families this Christmas

£1200 provides 100 food parcels for 100 children and their families this Christmas.

Donate Online with PayPal or Credit or Credit Card



Donate Direct into our Bank Account


Country of Bank Account: Uganda

Account Number: 5053284001

Account Holders Name: YOUTH WITH A VISION





I would like to send a Christmas Gift and a Card to a child at Youth With A Vision.


If you would like to send a Christmas card or a gift to your sponsored child, OR you have already sent a gift to your sponsored child but you would like to send an additional gift for non sponsored child to enjoy Christmas this year, you are very much welcome. However, we would recommend that you do so by 15 November to allow enough time for the transfer of post to Uganda.


  • Please click here to shop our life-changing gifts catalog for a perfect gift for your sponsored child or a child at Youth With A Vision.

  • DONATE and we buy the gift locally on your behalf.


I'm not yet a child sponsor but I would like to sponsor a child with Youth With A Vision.

Please click here for the photos and details of children in need of a sponsor. 

If you would like to send a card, letter or parcel to someone at Youth With A Vision, via Post please send as below:

Name (of Receiver) 
Youth With A Vision

P.O. BOX 1331

East Africa

Thank you so much fo