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Thousands of young people urgently need your help to turn a corner in life.

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 The outbreak of the COVID- 19 has pushed Uganda into lockdown and serious crisis. As a result, the price for essentials has tripled due to demand and banned importation; leaving hundreds of thousands of impoverished youth, children and their elderly foster parents without sanitation facilities and at risk of hunger. Currently, students are out of school, and classes are only conducted via television, a facility that is not available to the less privileged. ​

Things are getting worse for vulnerable children and families every day. Please donate today and you support a family in need of food, sanitizers, and televised classes in this pandemic.


This is how your contribution can help

  • £6 ($8) (€8) will buy ingredients to make 10 liters of proven effective liquid soap to sanitize one family for two months. - We now target 150 families across the Masaka community. 

  • £20 ($25) (€22) will provide a food parcel containing (5kgs of maize flour, 5kg of rice, 1.5 kgs of sugar, 5kgs of beans) for one family of four members for two weeks. – we Target 50 families. We have so far given out food to 33 families 

  • £200 ($257) (€250) will provide one Television set to provide televised classes to students currently missing out on classes. Our wish is 4 sets. 10 children have benefited from one television set.

  • £5 ($6 ) (€6 ) will provide self-study materials for 2 children to access education in the lockdown

  • £1 ($1) (€1) will buy 1 pair of gloves for one health worker- we need 500 pairs. £267 ($343) (€334) will buy 1 temperature testing kit- our wish is 2 Kits.

While some children and youth are privileged and are having enough of their basic needs, there are thousands of them who are less privileged, stranded, and hopeless. They need a lot of attention – from urgent shelter to education and starting up their own enterprises to become self-sufficient. But with your support, we can give all the children and youth the new start they deserve.

On average each day over 9 children and youth come to us needing support with either education, shelter, food, clothing, medication, stationery, or a source of income to brighten their future.  


Currently, we take care of  130 children and youth who have to depend on us every day for lunch meals, school fees, stationery, and shelter. Sadly a lot more still come to us, and it is so hurting but we have had to turn most of them away.


We would like to sustain this current number and also take in 20 additional children and be able to provide for their lunch meals, tuition, and stationery to access education each year.


On the side of youth, each year we receive on average 100 applications from young people who need our support to start up their own enterprises to become sustainable. We have so far empowered over 60 youth to start up their own enterprises and most of them are doing really well. We would like to support an additional 30 new youth each year.

We need your support now more than ever.

No matter what, we will never put down a less privileged child and youth. With you behind us, we promise to give every child and youth the love and care they need and find them the forever home they deserve.


On behalf of children and youth who will need our help all the time, we can’t thank you enough.


Whichever way you decide to give, your kind donation will help us to care for

hundreds of children and youth in need.

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At our Offices at Kayirikiti

Nyendo, Masaka Uganda

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Any donation makes a great change in the lives of the less privileged children and youth.