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Your Generosity Is Helping to End Poverty!

 By selecting a gift through this catalog, you are making a donation to Save and improve the lives of many children.

Your donations will be used to provide assistance where it is needed most within that program area or to address similar need.

Thank you for giving to release children from poverty.  

In the Ugandan community of Masaka, it is incredibly challenging to maintain a steady source of income. This causes many families to remain trapped within the vicious cycle of poverty. Most of the families rely on farming for food and income, but after the harvest, both are limited. They often live way below the poverty line of $1.90 per day. 


Your gift helps Youth With A Vision provide the family of an unsponsored child with:

  • Two goats, support with vaccinations to prevent diseases, training in feeding, proper animal care, and management and setting up shelters for the goats.

  • A steady source of protein, and income from milk and additionally produced goats, become self-sufficient, which leads to healthier children and mitigation of the cycle of poverty in Uganda.


A GOAT Gift  $140
Suggested Gift share $30


Suggested Gift share $6

Quality education is crucial in breaking the cycle of poverty. A poor education leads to fewer job opportunities, as many  children in poverty have little to no access to school stationery. Your gift will provide stationery including;

pens, bookspencil, geometry setruler and help a child to stay at school and brighten their future

Mosquito Net Gift $18

Suggested Gift Share $6

Diseases like malaria can lead to missed school, hospital stays, and in extreme cases, death. Your gift of an insecticide-treated bed net also includes training to help children and their families avoid the mosquito bites that cause the deadly disease.

Your gift will provide children with:

  • An insecticide-treated bed net

  • Training on how to use the net

  • Education about ways to prevent mosquito breeding areas.

Suggested Gift share $10

A gift of 4 chickens for a family in poverty ensures that a child will have a steady source of protein and plenty of eggs to sell in the market.

By providing a gift of live chickens:

  • You can help families become self-sufficient, which leads to healthier children.

  • Families can sell the eggs and also hatch more chickens to sell to generate income.

Motorbike Gift  $1430

suggested Gift Share $143

Motorbikes are one of the most effective ways for staff to reach families, stakeholders, children, and youth in rural and long-distance areas. With access to hard-to-reach communities, staff can reach children and youth in record time to assess their condition, bring supplies, and follow-up to ensure they are on the path to a brighter future.

1 Soccer Ball  GIFT $15



suggested Gift share $7


A real soccer ball brings joy and laughter and a sense of belonging to numerous children living in poverty. It facilitates a child’s growth and development and offers room for unity and cooperation.


1 Music Instruments  GIFT $290



suggested Gift share $150

A set of musical instruments can help children to develop their talents in dance music and dram. which is a source of joy and happiness.

Dental Kit Gift $40

Suggested Gift share $10

Tooth decay is a painful condition that can leave children in poverty sick, unable to eat and more likely to miss school. Your gift will ensure children receive regular dental check-ups and treatments for cavities and gum disease.

Oral health is essential for children’s health and quality of life. Your gift will provide:

  • A thorough dental checkup for each child

  • Any needed dental treatment

  • Training in oral health

  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste



suggested Gift share $35

Educated girls are proven to be more likely to avoid early marriage, delay childbirth and provide better nutrition, education, and support for their families later in life. As businesswomen and professionals, they can bring profound change to their communities. Our programs can help a young girl to realize her dreams by providing books, learning materials and access to education.





suggested Gift share $150

By buying this gift you are helping  a youth to get trained on how to handle a business and also provide him or her with a start up capital for a business and generally, your are helping us to fulfill our goal of reducing youth uneployment

Agnes Internship 02.jpg

Your gift counts a lot.

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