This is what your donation can do

We are asking you to consider joining the family of our most devoted supporters by signing up to make a monthly donation of £10 - $10 - €10 or whatever amount you are able to give as long as you can. With this donation, you would become a Visionary Member of Youth With A Vision, and thus you would receive our monthly newsletter. If the above amount is not possible, however, we would of course warmly welcome any monthly donation at the level of your choosing.

  • Will help to feed one starving child.

  • Will help to provide Christmas day food and present to one child.

  • Will help to facilitate a youth business mentorship.

  • Will help to sponsor a child in Primary school

  • Will help to provide a business internship.

  • Will help to sponsor a child in Secondary school

  • Will help to provide micro-loans to 3 youth to start their own enterprise.

  • Will help to train 2 children vocational skills 

  • Provide micro-loans to 6 youth to start their own enterprises

  • Provides 3 years of University education for 1 child. 

  • Will help to reach more beneficiaries.

  • promote the rights of the disadvantaged children and youth

  • Will help to feed one starving child.<