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Sponsor Namujjuzi Prossy

Updated: May 27, 2022

Date of birth: 11-11-2012

Meet Namujuzi Prossy who is among the many less privileged children enrolled on our children sponsorship program.

She is a happy, humble and clever girl. She stays with her uneducated single mother who because of insufficient education can't access a paying job. Prossy's mother works as a part-time bar attendant in a village bar where she earns very small money, and always struggling to take good care of her family and paying school fees for Prossy and all her siblings.

Prosy likes studying, and her dream is to become a nurse, and be able to treat sick children and adults but she is always disturbed as she is often sent back for school fees and supplies. This kind of situation limits Prossy's performance and hinders her dream of becoming a nurse.

If anyone can rescue Prossy, by sponsoring her to only achieve her dream but also helping her to start breaking the cycle of poverty, you will be so much welcome and appreciated.

Click here to sponsor Prossy now

You cannot sponsor Prossy now but are interested in seeing her sponsored? Please help to share this blog and perhaps you might help him get a sponsor today.

Can you help us more?

There are other children on our program who need a sponsor to attend school. Can you share their story, and perhaps help them to get a sponsor? Click on the link to read more about our Sponsorship program and other children in need of sponsorship.

Thank you for all your support!

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