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Sponsor Mwanje Innocent.

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Date of Birth: 3rd-03-2005

Innocent is a multi-talented clever boy. He has three siblings and he is the second born in the family. He stays with his single mother who depends on hawking second-hand clothes as the source of income. His mother earns little but she is in charge of paying all the bills including house rent, medication and other needs of the family.

When it comes to education. His mother finds it hard to get school fees for her children.

We have been supporting innocent in his education and assisted him to complete his Primary Level where he obtained the first grade of 7 aggregates.

Innocent needs support to access secondary education and meet his dream of becoming an engineer.

Innocent is among the many less privileged children enrolled in our program who are in need of a sponsor. Please sponsor him by donating £35 per month. With this gift, you help pay for his tuition, stationery and supplies to start and stay at school and full fill his dream of becoming a civil engineer.

Sponsor Innocent by clicking on the link below.

Would you like to read about our child sponsorship program and the other children in need of a sponsor? Please go to

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