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Date Of Birth: 3 May 2009 | Sex: Female

''My name is Latavia Namubiru Rahmah. I am seeking for help with my tuition and stationery to join and complete High School. I completed my Primary Education last year 2022, but my mother is jobless and has no money to support me further. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. We all stay with our single and jobless mother. If anyone can sponsor me to complete my studies, I will be very happy.

I want to become a medical lawyer and help advocate for better medical services in my community. If I get any assistance, I will work hard so that my dream comes true. My hobbies are music, dance and drama, netball and volleyball. I will very grateful if you sponsor me.''

Latavia is a clever, talented and hardworking girl. And access to education will empower her to start breaking the cycle of poverty. Please sponsor her and help her to realise her dream.

To sponsor and send Latavia to school, it costs £35 a month, and this covers tuition. However, you may wish to add an additional £10 a month for school lunch meals, and stationery.

Click on this link to sign up to sponsor Latavia now with your PayPal account, credit or debit card.

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