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No Shame Period Campaign

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Grace Nassaazi sewing face masks from our office at Kayirikiti

Besides Covid-19 there are other underlying issues that affect young people from financially poor backgrounds. Many young people lack money to buy a face mask or a sanitary pad for girls. And in the search for a mask or a sanitary pad majority of them are likely to commit a crime while others are enticed by money into anti-social behaviors including early sex which expose them to Covid-19 and other dangerous diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

When we received a grant from Project The Project to train girls and young women in Masaka to use sewing machines to make reusable sanitary pads, Grace a senior vacationist was one of the lucky girls that benefited from the first training. Grace was motivated by the free training offered to her and she expressed interest in using the skills she learned to give back to the community. And when she realized the hardships that financially stricken young people in her community face especially in this time of the lockdown, she decided to offer her tailoring skills by making face masks and reusable sanitary pads to save less privileged young people in Masaka from coronavirus and menstrual poverty.

We are hopeful that Grace's action will not only help to save others from Covid-19 and other predicaments but will also serve as an encouragement to the young people we work with and stimulate them to give back to their community.

"I am happy that Youth With A Vision gave me a face mask to help me prevent Covid 19. Thank you very much." Says Shadia Nakayondo

Grace has so far made 50 Face masks and 30 reusable sanitary pads which we have already distributed to deserving young people. Grace's goal is to make 500 face masks and reusable sanitary pads and make them available for free to young people who cannot afford them. Therefore the task ahead of us as Youth With A Vision is providing her with enough materials.

Would you like to donate face masks or reusable sanitary pads-making materials?

A gift of £7 ($9) (€8) will provide textiles for making 30 machine-sewn reusable sanitary towels per month.

A gift of £6 ($8) (€7) will provide textiles for making 30 face masks for 15 people (2 masks per person).

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