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Because of you more students have reported back to school after a long holiday.

Updated: May 8, 2021

Currently schools are gradually opening up here but in phases as a measure to control the spread of the Covid-19. But education is going to take a very long time to recover. Children have missed over a year of school in some places. Others are not yet allowed to go back to school and they will still miss.

During the past month of April 2021, we have supported more children on our program whose classes have been opened to return to their respective schools after a long holiday created by the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to your support, these children have received all the required materials to support them in their education while at school. Children from Primary five to Primary three have returned back leaving classes Primary one, Primary two, and kindergarten children at home to continue following the homeschooling program.

Our major focus is supporting those children who are yet to go back into school to continue learning from home, and also supporting particularly those who are in their final years of Primary, Senior School and Universities who are already allowed back into school to be able to take their exams.

However, for children who are yet to go back to school and have been benefiting from our homeschooling program, have been unfortunate because it is close to 2 months now when we are not providing homeschooling materials for them due to the fact that all our 2 printers that we have been using to print and make copies of homeschooling materials broke down, beyond repair and are yet to be replaced. The disfunction of the printers has affected over 55 children who have been depending on us everyday for their homeschooling materials.

We are looking for people who can contribute to help us;

Buy a standard new and strong printer so that we can continue supporting children with their homeschooling materials. Thanks to all of you who have donated towards our printer appeal. We have so far raised £140 ($194) (€170) and we are only short of £205 ($281) (€246) for a printer and we resume printing out study materials and make enough copies for distribution to children who are not yet allowed to go back into school to study from home. If you would like to contribute. We would really appreciate. Please click on and caption printer.

Buy a laptop for a student Sandra Namugenyi a girl whom we support at University. She is in the first semester of her final year. The laptop she has been using for her course work broke down at the time she needed it most. This would cost £310. The laptop will be used by others when she finish using it.

If you would like to contribute. We would really appreciate. Please click on and caption Laptop.

Provide lunch meals to children who are already back into school but starving because their parents and guardians have been unable to work due to lockdown, so they can't afford to pay all the fees that schools require per pupil - £15 provides lunch meals for one child for one month.

If you would like to contribute. We would really appreciate. Please click on and caption Lunch Meal.

Provide scholastic materials for children to effectively access education - £10 provides scholastic materials for one child for one term of three months. If you would like to contribute. We would really appreciate. Please click on and caption stationery.

We are looking for people who can sponsor a child.

Most of the children have had their hope deferred and are desperately in need of a sponsor. If you would like to sponsor any or all of these children. We would really appreciate it. please click on the link to start sponsoring that child.

Nakyetiba Patricia

Nalubega Alice Martha

Magezi Eliezer

Kalyango Fred

Naamala Prossy

Kannakulya Eric

Alternatively, follow this link for other children in need of a sponsor

Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) are effective in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic but on the other hand have affected the education system in Uganda. Many schools here that are darling to financially poor parents, lack adequate infrastructure to operate under the current SOPs.

For example, schools are instructed to space and reduce on the number of students per class, but not very many schools have enough buildings to space the children. Most of the schools that we have been partnering with to provide quality and affordable education are under resourced and need support to improve and provide a spacious and conducive learning environment.

We are working with Safe Care Primary school to construct a disabled accessible toilet for children with disabilities to have a convenient sanitary facility.

We are also working with ST. Catherine Primary School and Auntie Sarah Primary School to construct a classroom for each school so that they can have enough space for the secure learning of the children.

We are looking for people who would like to partner with us and help accomplish these projects. Please watch this video about these projects.

And If you feel you would like to give a hand. We would really appreciate it. Please give your contribution at and caption Safe Care or ST. Catherine or Auntie Sarah.

A huge Thank You from John and Team Youth With A Vision to everyone for going extra to put a smile on many faces here in Uganda! Without your interest, generosity, care, will, power and commitment, it would not have been possible.

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