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Micheal and Norah started their own business this month.

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

With your support, at the beginning of June Michael and Norah started up their restaurant business dealing in making chapatti, Rolex, Kikomando and coffees. We helped them to purchase materials used in this business though we did not buy all materials because the funds were not enough for us to purchase everything they needed to start up this business. Therefore, we still need your help to raise the remaining £150 to fully support this couple.

Still, we visited this couple’s parents (prime mentors) requesting them to give help and advice to their children. The parents were very excited and appreciated the support extended to their children who have been struggling to look for jobs and they have hope that their children will survive with their baby.

Michael and Norah started their business in Mitemula – Nyendo Mukungwe - Masaka city, though in the last two blogs, we have been updating you that this couple was to start working in Nkoni Lwengo District but due to the low population in the area, the couple and their parents (guarantors) decided to change the place to Mitemula trading centre near Kako village in Masaka city where the population is high compared to Nkoni trading centre because some of the residents of Nkoni had travelled to their home villages due to the 42 days lockdown here in Uganda.

According to the couple, their business is progressing well and with the hope that their lives will change with time compared to how it was when they were unemployed.

Here is a thank you video from Michael, Norah and their baby.

Yes, we have helped this couple to start up a business but still, the new lockdown in Uganda has affected young people’s livelihoods, leaving many families without the financial means to buy basic needs like sugar, salt, soap and many others. Lack of income was most marked among the most disadvantaged young people, including young women and men who were already out of school and unemployed before the lockdown.

Through our Youth Finance Scheme, we are trying to help young people here in Uganda, especially in the Masaka region, to start up small businesses, but we can not help all these young people without your support. therefore, we are appealing to you dear friends to support us during this second phase of the COVID 19 lockdown in Uganda to help young people get something to do and get food to feed their families.

We welcome your support of any kind.

In case you would like to donate something, please visit

Thank you very much for bringing back hope to those who had lost it.

May God bless you.

Stay safe.

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