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We are on the frontline, providing vulnerable children and families with food assistance

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

During July 2021, with your generous gift, we provided over 152 neediest children and families in Greater Masaka, Uganda with food, and saved them from starving.

In the photos below, are some of the children and families that received food relief and are glad that they didn't have to go on empty stomachs.

The second lockdown due to the increased cases of covid-19 brought a lot of tension to the most vulnerable families especially those that live hand to mouth lifestyles because they were locked home, and without any means of getting to food. As a result many people were starved and a big number of people have been flocking our offices in search for food. On average we have been receiving 15 people and over 30 phone calls per day, leave alone the young people under our direct care asking about food!

So we have been forced to divert some of our resources to provide food and essentials to such vulnerable families. Given our limited resources, we haven't been able to give families what is enough but what we have given to them is what can help them to at least survive for another day or days - With hope that difficult days will come to pass and people gain their earning potential destroyed by Covid-19. So for some families, we have given them food which can last them for 2 days, 4 days while others it will last for 1 week and 2 weeks.

Watch this video to learn more about what is happening in the Greater Masaka community in Uganda where we work, what we are trying to do to help starving families and why we need you alongside us.

Through our feeding program we continue to support vulnerable children and families, and believe that hope starts with food. But most important, without hope life cant move on. We thank you for enabling us to give hope to the less privileged families in greater Masaka communities especially during these challenging situations of the pandemic.

“Starving is becoming a normal situation during this lockdown because getting what to eat is a hard task, We thank Youth With A Vision for this food package, we hope to survive for more days in the lockdown” Nakafeero Sarah

The need for food is still high and due to our limited resources, we cant handle this without you. Are you able to donate something to feed the vulnerable children and families? We really ask you to donate. And if you would like to contribute, this is what your gift can help to do.

A gift of £18 ($22) (€20) will provide food and a sanitizer for a family of 4 members for over 2 weeks. If you would like to donate and help a family from starving, here is the link for you to make your donation.

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