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Covid-1 9 an ailment of our generation

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

We are all in a battle with an invisible enemy and it’s a tough time for everyone at the moment but it is even harder for the less privileged populations here in Uganda! The outbreak of the Covid- 19 has pushed Uganda into lockdown and serious crisis. As a result, the price for essentials has tripled due to demand and banned importation; leaving hundreds of thousands of impoverished youth, children and their elderly foster parents without sanitation facilities and at risk of hunger. Currently, students are out of school and classes are only conducted via television, a facility that is not available to the less privileged. The lockdown without food and sanitary facilities only facilitates the spread of Covid-19 because impoverished people will eventually be forced to disobey the Stay at Home directive in search for essentials and thus exposure to new infections. We are in this together, please help Youth With A Vision to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and its effects on the less privileged populations. This is what your contribution can do. £6 ($8) (€8) will buy ingredients to make 10 liters of proven effective liquid soap to sanitize one family for two months. - We target 200 families across Masaka community. £18 ($22) (€20) will provide a food parcel containing (5kgs of maize flour, 5kg of rice, 1.5 kgs of sugar, 5kgs of beans) for one family of four members for two weeks. – we Target 50 families. £200 ($257) (€250) will provide one Television set to provide televised classes to students currently missing out on classes. Our wish is 5 sets. £1 ($1) (€1) will buy 1 pair of gloves for one health worker- we need 500 pairs. £267 ($343) (€334) will buy 1 temperature testing kit- our wish is 2 Kits. Anything helps! DONATE: via our PayPal at to provide much-needed essentials – food, sanitizers and education opportunities for families hit hardest by Covid- 19 Thank you for whatever you are able to contribute. I will appreciate it so much when you forward this to spread the word. John Mugabi and Team Youth With A Vision #COVID-19 Youth With A Vision


Vendors and other people who have tried to leave their homes to either make some money to sustain their families or those trying to get out and buy some essentials, have been beaten up by the security agents. Beating up people is not the remedy for encouraging people to stay home. The agony is that too much unnecessary pressure has been used on these innocent people who are just caught in the circumstance of Covid- 19. Imagine if it was your mother, sister, wife or Auntie beaten like this just because the government wants them to stay home! There is no anywhere on earth where beating up people has stopped the transmission of the virus. This act of beating people is an abuse of their dignity if not rights. The fact is that there are no appropriate measures yet to motivate these people to stay home. The mainly impoverished and self-help populations need to be assured of food, sanitary facilities, access to medical services and constant supply utilities. Covid- 19 should break us. It should not rob us of our dignity, values and togetherness. However, let's work together to fight the deadly virus.

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30 mars 2020

Shops in Masaka are closed, all the roadside and street vendors have been banned from the area. Some Boda Boda Motorcyclists and passenger taxi drivers are tactically trying to ferry passengers around so that they can make some money to survive the lockdown. The Police are continuously cracking down on all of those who are trying to operate against the government's ban on all passenger transport means.

The government allows Boda Boda Motorcyclists carrying only goods to operate.

This means that if you want to buy something from the shopping center, you have to rely on the Boda Boda (Motorcyclists) whom you give money and a list of items you want so that they determine the price, buy and deliver…

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