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We have supported more children to access education and lunch meals.

Updated: May 29, 2021

The outbreak of Covid-19 interrupted the education of less privileged children, it also increased the number of school dropouts since most of the parents were cut off from work leaving them unable to meet the school fees for their children. As a result, we are received a bigger number of children seeking our support. We are forced to close our doors to some of the children due to the limited resources.

In the picture: children you sponsor with us at Bright Angels Primary School

This year, 2021, we had planned to support all the 154 children enrolled on our program for their education. And so far the trends show that we can only support 56% of this initial planned number. This means that the remaining 44 % are likely to miss out on education this year, they look up to us though.

Schools were re-opened but the school terms were shortened by the ministry of education and the school fees were not reduced. There is very minimal gap between school and holidays which doesn't provide enough room for us to raise funds for the education of all the children. Another challenge has been that school authorities ask students to pay tuition straight away. While some students are yet to return to school, others have already come back for a short holiday of like two weeks. On returning, schools expect these children to go back with school fees for another term and they will not be allowed to return back to school without school fees.

The schools that we partner with to support the education of less privileged children, lack adequate facilities to provide a conducive learning environment for the learners. And given the issue of observing SOPs where schools are required to provide enough space for learners, most of these schools are really in need of support for buildings and toilet facilities. The lack of adequate classrooms and sanitary facilities, has often forced the schools to limit or reduce the number of children they can enroll.

Such schools need our support to enable them accommodate all their enrolled students other than just stopping some from accessing school.

Some schools need at least a classroom while some need sanitary facilities especially for those students with disabilities.

As Youth With A Vision, we need your support to build the capacity of some of the schools we partner with to effectively manage all their students.

And we need your support to ensure that the children on our program have the stationery, and tuition to go and stay in school.

If you would like to know more about the schools that we partner, and how you can support them to get enough infrastructure, please go to

One of the other ways you can partner with us to provide education for the less fortunate children, is through sponsoring a child. The children below are just some of those registered with us that need a sponsor today.

There hope for a sponsor has been deferred for so long, and we are desperately looking for kind people who can sponsor or help our children to get a sponsor. Sponsorship helps a child to go and stay in school.

Can you help to sponsor or help them to get a sponsor today?

If you would like to sponsor or to get the details of a child, click on the link that correspond with the name of the child.

Maria Nabulya

Patricia Nakyetiba

Alice Martha Nalubega

Eliezer Magezi

Fred Kalyango

Prossy Naamala

Eric Kannakulya

To learn about our child sponsorship program and more children in need of a sponsor, please go to

Besides education, there is food as catalyst that influence learning. When children miss food, they can't concentrate on their learning and their growth is affected. Thank you so much for all your donations and support. Because of you, some children have access lunch meals at school and their performance has improved.

In the picture: some of the children that benefit from your support, receiving their lunch meals at Ssunga Primary School.

April 2021 was a tough month in terms of finance here at Youth With A Vision, and we failed to raise enough funds to provide lunch meals for all the children on the feeding program. As a result, 22 children missed out on lunch meals. However, during the month of May 2021, your donations made it possible for us to provide lunch meals for these 22 children that we had missed out. Thank you for making it possible for us to support the starving children again!

Children's starvation rate is rapidly increasing among children from poor financial backgrounds. We are trying to utilize the little resource we get to enable these less privileged children to access lunch at school. When children stay at school without lunch meals it results in several problems including school dropouts, poor performance and sickness among children.

We visited Ssunga Church of Uganda Primary School, and we talked with the headteacher: In the video you can learn about the impact your donation to our feeding program makes upon the children in Ssunga school.

Do you want to read more about the feeding program, the schools that we work with and perhaps how you can get involved? Please go to

Thank you for all your generous support.

Leandrew Muleme

Manager Children's Department

Youth With A Vision

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