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Can you sponsor Nantambi Shakirah?

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

“Nantambi Shakirah when my father abandoned us my chances of missing education were high since my mother had no other alternative to get my school fees. I was always sent back for school fees. my studies were disturbed a lot.

I was forced to sit for 2 years to give my young siblings a chance to go to school too. I was left with little hope for education until when I was enrolled by Youth With A Vision and continued with my education. I was supported and completed my Primary Leaving Examinations where I excelled with 14 aggregates.

I qualified to join any Secondary / High school but since my mother couldn't afford to support me in a secondary school, I joined late, and I am always sent back home for tuition and supplies. I pray to God to provide me with someone to support me in my educational journey so that I fulfil my dream of becoming a nurse, and break poverty in my family.”

It is unfortunate that there is no nearby school around Shakirah's village.

This means that Shakirah requires to be in a boarding school. But she lacks almost every requirement any child would need for a boarding school. She needs a mattress/ beddings, stationery and school fees to go to school. In-kind donations for these items are welcome and very much appreciated.

Please become Shakirah's sponsor by donating £35 per month. With this gift, you help pay for her tuition, stationery and supplies to start and stay at school and full fill her dream.

Sponsor Shakirah by clicking on the link below.

Shakirah is among the many less privileged children enrolled in our program who are in need of a sponsor.

Would you like to read about our child sponsorship program and the other children who are in need of a sponsor? Please go to

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