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Can you Support Maria Hilda?

Updated: Jan 28

Meet Nabateregga Maria Hilda

Date of Birth: 10th-March-2006

Hilda is a 17-year-old girl who stays with her Aunt. Hilda completed her Primary level in 2021 and she obtained 21 aggregates. Hilda got a good grade and she fits in any Secondary school but since she depends on her Aunt who doesn’t have a steady income. Hilda is still at home because her Aunt has failed for tuition and school requirements. Hilda has a strong desire towards learning and she is dreaming of becoming a Surgeon and bridging the gap of limited Surgeons in Uganda. Her prayer is to get someone to rescue her so that she joins the secondary school.

Become Hilda's sponsor by donating £35 per month and helping her stay at school and full fill her dream.

Sponsor Hilda's by clicking here.

Would you like to read about our child sponsorship program and the other children in need of a sponsor? Please go to

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