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Can you Support Maria Hilda?

Updated: Mar 29

Meet Nabateregga Maria Hilda

Date of Birth: 10th March 2006

When Hilda's father became jobless and was devastated by poverty, he failed to secure a source of income in Uganda to sustain his family. In his search for a job, he landed in the hands of people traffickers who had promised him a good job that would help to turn around his condition of life.

In 2014, he was trafficked to China but unfortunately, he was detained for illegal migration and imprisoned, at an unknown prison centre for an unknown period.

It's now 10 years since the family lost communication with Hilda's father.

Life became so difficult for Hilda, her siblings and their unemployed mother who due to events became a single mother.

The family experienced all sorts of hardships associated with poverty.

At times they could go without anything to eat for a couple of days. They could wear torn clothes, no shoes and often missed out on school and this had limited her general performance.

In 2016 Hilda's already devastated mother sought help from Youth With A Vision for her daughter to access school. This is how we enrolled Hilda on our program.

When we visited Maria Hilda, this is what she said.

“I miss my father so much because he used to provide all my needs and with him, I had no worries. My prayer is that I study to achieve my dream of becoming a surgeon and get money to trace and possibly repatriate my father.

I am hoping that my father is still alive, and one day I will meet him and we become a family again”

Hilda has a strong desire to learn and dreams of becoming a Surgeon.

But she needs help to go through her remaining 3 years of High School and perhaps acquire a career that will empower her to become sustainable in the future. This is why we need your continued help to support her further, and through.

You can help by sponsoring Maria Hilda for £35 a month or by contributing to her educational career development.

If you would like to sponsor Hilda today, follow this link.

Become Hilda's sponsor by donating £35 per month and helping her stay at school and fulfil her dream.

Sponsor Hilda's by clicking here.

Would you like to read about our child sponsorship program and the other children in need of a sponsor? Please go to

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