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Robert Ssenkungu needs assistance with education and essentials. Can you sponsor him?

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Coming from a less privileged family is a daily struggle but coming from a family without a mother figure is another sorrowful story. Children with mothers are always less worried about what to eat, where to sleep and how to survive in their daily life.

Meet Ssenkungu Robert a 13-year-old boy, Robert is in primary four at Gayaza Primary School. Robert comes from a family of 4 members, he has 2 brothers and he is the elder at home his mother separated from his father when he was 7 years.

At 9 years of age, Robert gained the responsibility equal to an adult.

Robert started taking care of his little brothers up to now. He is always responsible for finding what to eat, washing clothes for them, and cooking.

Robert’s father has no source of income and he struggles daily to see that his family can get a better life. He sometimes leaves home with the hope of finding what to do and getting money and returning to his family. But sometimes he fails and returns with empty hands.

“When the father leaves us without food, we sometimes provide labour to construction sites or fetch water for our neighbours or hand washcloths for other people to get money and buy what to eat with my brothers. We are no longer thinking of getting new clothes or new shoes because our father can’t afford to buy them for us''. Says Robert.

In the photo; it is Robert Ssenkungu on the right and his little brothers.

During school times, Robert and his brothers always lack enough scholastic materials and are always sent back for school fees. Robert represents many disadvantaged children registered with us that need a start on their path toward their future dreams.

Sponsor Robert and change his story now.

When you sponsor Robert, you help him stay in school and help him meet his dream.

Click on this link to sponsor Robert now.

You cannot sponsor Robert but are interested in seeing him sponsored? Please help to share this blog and perhaps you might help him get a sponsor today.

Can you help us more?

There are other children in our program who need a sponsor to attend school. Can you share their story, and perhaps help them to get a sponsor? Click on the link to read more about our Sponsorship program and other children in need of sponsorship.

Thank you for all your support!

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