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Can you Sponsor Kabugo Mahad?

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

D.O.B: 17th-10- 2010

Mahad is a bright, active and creative boy who likes playing with friends. he stays with his parents and his 4 siblings.

His father got a stroke and a part of his body is paralysed. His mother works as a food vendor.

Mahad's mother's income is very little to sustain her family and also to pay medical bills for her bedridden husband. This makes

Mahad is in Primary four but he always misses school due to the failure of his mother to raise school fees and school requirements.

Mahad has a dream of becoming an engineer. When you support Mahad you are helping him to meet his dream in life and change the bad thing around him.

When you give £24 per month you will change Mahad's story and put a smile on his face and the entire family.

Sponsor Mahad now

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