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Can you Sponsor Jacqueline?

Birthday: 15 February 2000 | Sex: Female

Jacqueline Nakyejjwe is a jovial, inspirational, considerate, kind and hardworking girl. She enjoys singing, reading novels, sewing and knitting. Jacqueline has been under our care since 20th April 2004, and we are glad to see her reaching where she is now. With funds raised from the sale of her knitted merchandise, we have been able to provide for her Primary and Secondary education. She completed her Secondary / High school in 2020 at Trinity College Nabbingo, she performed well and has been offered a place to study at Uganda Martyrs University in the faculty of Business Administration and Management for a 3 years course leading to the award of a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management (B.BAM).

Jacqueline has already made the foundation, and she now needs a kind friend who can sponsor her to join and complete University with a career that will enable her to begin breaking the cycle of poverty. She just needs your sponsorship today, and tomorrow she will not rely on sponsorship, instead, she will be relying more on her income, and focusing on sponsoring someone to overcome poverty.

Jacqueline is among the many less privileged children enrolled in our program who are in need of a sponsor. Click on the link below to sponsor Jacqueline now

Would you like to read about our sponsorship program and other children in need of sponsorship? Click on this link

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