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Can you Sponsor Eva?

Birthday: 19-12-2000 Sex: Female

"My name is Eva Oliver Nassaazi Mirembe my father died from a stroke and my mother disappeared living me with my aged and helpless grandmother. I have been struggling to keep at school. I am often sent back home for tuition which is always not available and I end up missing out on the curriculum. Please sponsor me to complete my high school and pursue a career that can lead me to sustainability."

Eva is among the many less privileged children enrolled in our program who are in need of a sponsor. On 15th December 2019, Eva was brought into our foster care while in need of funding to resume and complete her fourth year of High School at Blessed Sacrament Kimaanya Secondary School.

Eva is a very hardworking and devoted girl and if she misses school, it means she can’t pursue any career. By sponsoring Eve you can help her meet her dream and become a productive citizen to the community as well as the family. Click on this link to sponsor Eva

Would you like to read about our child sponsorship program and the other children in need of a sponsor? Please go to

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