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Sponsor Desmond Today.

Updated: May 4, 2023

Birthday: 29- Sept- 2013 | Sex: Male

Kalyango Desmond is a clever boy who likes playing with friends. He lives with his mother and brother. His mother was self-employed and the only breadwinner for the family. Sadly, in the year 2018, Desmond's mother got an accident which severely damaged her hips and left leg, making her disabled for life, and shutting up her small business.

Currently, due to the effect of the accident she got, Desmond's mother can't access employment to look after her children. She doesn't even have any source of income which could enable her family to survive on.

While Demond's friends are at school, for him he remains at home and feels very sad to see the waving to him on their way to school.

Sponsor Desmond now and help him to acquire education - a tool which will empower him to reach his full potential.

With a gift of £24 a month, you can help Desmond to have hope for a bright future. Your monthly gift will provide for Demond's tuition and stationery needed for schooling. And when he goes to school, he will offer him a pathway to start breaking the cycle of poverty, change the bad things around him and realise his dream in life.

Click on the link to sign up and start sponsoring Desmond now.

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