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When Covid-19 shattered my business, I was confused not knowing how I could bounce back.

Updated: May 25, 2023

In the photo is Noeline and one of her trainees

Noeline like many other youth on our Youth Finance Scheme, had business stopped due to the lockdown as a measure to stop the spread of Covid-19 pandemic. She had lost hope of getting back on the road because she had no any other source of income for her needs. She was always worried of where to get food and money to payback her initial loan.

Thanks to your generosity, in February 2021 we awarded a stimulus loan of £111 ($143) ($125) to help Noeline to rejuvenate her tailoring business which had declined due to Covid-19. Noeline used the stimulus to buy a second sewing machine which helps her to train her fellow youth who have been disoriented by the COVID 19 pandemic. The youth that Noeline trains, pay an affordable amount of money which she uses for business management. loan payback and personal needs.

Last April 2021 we visited Noeline Malyante of Standard Fashion Designers in Kayirikiti Nyendo. She informed us that she was happy that her business was progressing well. Another good news she was glad of, was that she had secured a contract to start making uniforms for pupils of a nearby school.

This is a great achievement for her because she will acquire money which will help her to payback the stimulus loan and also to meet her personal needs. We would like to share a word of thanks from Noeline.

''Thank you for helping me to get my business back after that huge shakeup by the pandemic. I had lost hope of regaining my business after a complete year without a stable income. I am glad that I see some light through the tunnel.''

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2019 Dine So They Can Day. The stimulus loan that we extended to Noeline Malyante was funds we together raised from this event. And because of your participation, Noeline had a chance to acquire a second sewing machine which helped her to revitalize her tailoring business.

This year, the Dine So They Can Day will be held on 1, 2 and 3 October 2021 in any interested community of the world. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible participating in this global life changing event this year. We hope to see many of our long established supporters but hope to see some of our new friends too.

Contact Noeline Now to Know how she is doing it.


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