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Young Michael and Norah, married, jobless, and homeless with a 5 months old baby to look after!

Updated: May 8, 2021

The couple - Norah Nambaziira - 18 years is the third born of the 11 children of Mr. Paul Kyeyune and Mrs. Maria Namubiru of Nkoni Masaka. She dropped out of school after her Primary Seven in 2019 due to lack of school fees to continue with her studies. Given Norah's insufficient education, she could not access a formal or a permanent or paying job, instead she used to help vend food in her auntie's restaurant, and moving door to door doing laundry for a living.

And - Michael the sixth born of the 10 children of Mr. Kalanda Ronald and Mrs. Beatrice Birabwa of Nkoni-Masaka, almost like Norah, Michael too didn't go far with his education. He dropped out of school while in Primary Seven due to lack of school fees after his parents had told him that they did not have enough funds to pay for his and siblings education. So Michael decided to go and look for casual jobs to get money for survival and also to support his family. The first job he got was working at a chapatti stall, a petty job that was paying him very very small money, and in the end, he did not earn what he expected. While at the Chapatti stall, a friend called him to go and work with him for a part-time job at the Roads construction company. Michael accepted and he was employed to dig roadside trenches for the Road Construction company.

Norah on the left, our staff Juliet in the middle and Michael on the right with their 5 months baby

However, like any other part-time job, sometimes jobs come and they call you to work and some times there is no job and they don't call you. So Michael would spend several months without work and for any available work he was paid very small and sometimes he would spend months without being paid.

In December of 2019, while helping at her Auntie's Restaurant, Norah met with Michael Muzinda and they hooked up together. In the short while, Norah got pregnant, an act that annoyed her Auntie who abandoned her. At this time, Norah's only person to cling on was Michael. So with his small earnings Michael decided to rent a small house at Kayirikiti for both to stay in as they forge a way forward. Trouble after trouble, in December 2020 just after Norah had given birth to their first born Raymond Basinde who is 5 months old now, Michael also lost his porter job.

On 24 April 2021 the couple's Land Lord threw them out of his rentals due to unpaid 1 month rental arrears and 2 months house rent in advance. This is the time when they did not even have money for food or baby clothes and other essentials but they had become homeless. So the couple decided to come to Youth With A Vision for immediate help with shelter, food and anything that would help them to survive. And we are glad that we helped them with food and short-term payments for a shelter for them to stay in for a period of 2 months, ending 30 June 2021.

Just imagine both Michael and Norah becoming jobless, and again homeless with a 5 months baby to look after!

It is very hard for this young couple to access employment due to lack of sufficient knowledge required by the available few recruiting firms, and the devastation upon the firms caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore they need a lasting and sustainable solution to cope up. During a one-on-one engagement with our staff Juliet, it emerged that the couple is interested in starting their own small Restaurant Business to get an income and in the long run meet their family's immediate needs including payment for their house rent.

Unfortunately Michael and Norah have no savings or capital to start an enterprises which would help them to earn an income for buying food, pay house rent and other essentials. You and Youth With A Vision are their last resort. They do not have any plan next. Through our Youth Finance Scheme, we are looking for people who can help us to raise £300 ($385) (€338) to support this young couple to start a small enterprise, where they can earn an income and be able to look after themselves and their baby.

If you would like to contribute, We would really appreciate it.

Without you we cannot support this young couple. But when we support them, we prevent them from being idle which may lead them into committing crime like stealing, robbery, and so on to survive.

Would you like to contribute something for Michael and Norah to start their own enterprise? Then DONATE and caption Michael and Norah

For more information about the Youth Finance Scheme please go to

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