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We supported another youth to boost his business.

Updated: May 9, 2021

This month we supported Atukunda Julius of AJ goat suppliers located in Akashansha – Kiziba - Rakai District with £61, €69, $82, and UGX: 300,000 to boost his business.

Julius wanted to construct a house for his goats in order to protect them from diseases like foot and mouth disease that affect these animals during the rainy season.

Julius on his Farm

When Julius received a start-up loan in November 2019, he established a goat farm. On the farm he started with eight (8) goats. He is lucky that some goats on his farm gave birth to two and others three kids. So with this goat birthrate, the initial goats have multiplied so fast. Currently on the farm there are 20 goats all together. And they would have been more but the farm was affected by the lockdown as the area where Julius' farm is located was quarantined. And it was difficult to access proper veterinary services. As a result several kids died.

Despite of the losses on his farm, Julius is hopeful of getting a stable income in the future.

The goats on Julius's Farm

Thank you for supporting the Youth Finance Scheme to empower more unemployed young people to start their own enterprises and become sustainable.

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