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Your donations have an amazing impact on Youth struggling with employment.

The support from Youth With A Vision’s Finance Scheme helped me to start El-Shaddai Piggery Breeding Farm.

Florence had no employment, and no income to provide for the needs of her children. Though she remembers going without the very basic needs especially for her children, she also remembers the training, mentorship and collateral free loan she obtained from Youth With A Vision's Youth Finance Scheme that led her start up her own enterprises as a measure to access an employment and become sustainable. Now as her enterprise takes ground, she credits the support she received with eventually helping her break the cycle of poverty, become self-sustaining and provide for her own children.

''I constructed the pigsty by myself and started with 5 piglets (4 female and 1 male). When pigs produce, I don’t sell all the piglets, instead, I retain 2 from each mother pig and sell the rest. When a mother pig becomes old I then sell it off. I am glad that I earn income from rearing pigs, and I am able to provide for my 6 children.

When I discovered that my kids like Rabbits, I decided to start a rabbits' Farm for them. I hope the Rabbits farm will also help to supplement income from piggery Farm.

I can do jobs men can do, and I am proud to be a strong woman.

My husband works with building constructions, and our community-building work is scanty. He could stay for a couple of months with a job coming his way. And if there was no other family source of income, life could have been so difficult. So with income from the piggery farm, I bridge the gap and provide for all the family needs.

One piece of advice to my fellow women in the struggle; stay focused on what you want to become, be patient, and work hard for a better future. Today’s world needs hard-working women who are able to share family responsibilities with their spouses. Says Florence Nannyonjo’’.

Florence is one of the past beneficiaries of our Youth Finance Scheme, and we are grateful for the difference we have together created in her life!

Thanks to all your support for the Youth Finance Scheme which inspire, and empower unemployed young people to start their own enterprises and become self-sustaining.

It is so encouraging that together we supported Florence to turn around her condition of life. Here is Norah, a teenage mother together with her young spouse Michael who need your help to start up a business of their own and become self-sustaining like Florence and be able to take good care of their 5 months baby. Read the spouse's story and perhaps you may wish to offer them your much needed support and be able to break the cycle of poverty.

Thank you so much for supporting our work.

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