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We are Providing health care to less privileged children.

In this lockdown, we are monitoring the health of each child in our foster home and providing everything needs for their better health.

Government hospitals are not accessible due to the increased cases of Covid-19 and Private hospitals are very expensive. this is why we are fighting to ensure that children are safe and healthy.

Through the provision of a balanced diet, giving them time to make exercise, encouraging person hygiene as well as vaccinating them are some of the ways we use to keep children healthy.

During this pandemic, we are also encouraging them to frequently wash their hands and always wearing Masks so that they don't get affected by Covid-19.

Some of our children got affected With covid-19.

It is unfortunate that two children got affected by covid-19. These children were isolated as soon as they tested positive and we are glad they are improving slowly and we are doing our best to provide any kind of support to see that they fully recover from the virus.

Because testing is very expensive, we cant provide tests to every child in our foster families, we are strictly encouraging children to observe the SOPs as the best way to protect them.

Join us in the fight against Covid-19 by providing a sanitiser and a face mask to a vulnerable child today.

A gift of £6 ($8) (€7) will provide textile for making 30 face masks for 15 people (2 masks per person).

Any donation can help us to in the fight against Covid-19

Please visit to support us.

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