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Sponsor Swabulah Nakimbugwe.

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Meet Nakimbugwe Swabulah a silent and kind girl. she has 6 siblings all boys.

Her mother is a food vendor and her father is jobless and incapacitated while her mother does casual work, and entire this makes her the only breadwinner for the entire family.

However, the earnings of Swabulah's mother go to food and sometimes not even enough for their house rent. On several occasions, they are thrown out of the house. Swabulah is in her third year of High/ Secondary school. But she is struggling and very often \ she misses school due to tuition defaulting and lack of stationery to access school. Due to poverty in their home, all of Swabrah's siblings dropped out of school, and she is the only one still enduring. Swabrah's academic performance is so well, and her dream is to become a teacher. And if she acquires an education, she will have access to a paying job and be able to lift her family out of poverty.

Sponsor Swabrah today and empower her to break the cycle of poverty

Educating a girl is educating a nation.

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