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Marvin needs a sponsor.

I want you to meet Marvin Kisaakye one of the youngest children under our support. Marvin is a 6-year-old happy and active boy. His mother developed depression immediately after the death of a sibling that Marvin could have followed. 

The depression escalated, and during this period she got pregnant with an unknown man. In 2016 she gave birth to a boy whom she named Kisaakye meaning ‘’God’s Grace’’ Sadly shortly after Marvin’s birth, his mother’s depression developed into a recurring mental disorder. And this is because there was no one caring by then. She started wandering villages, walking longer distances while assaulting people destroying property at her exposure and torturing and starving Marvin. She was eventually reported to the local authorities who intervened and rescued Marvin into our foster care in 2017. When Marvin came to Youth With A Vision, he was just one year old, and his speech had not yet developed. Very often we could only rely on our guesswork to determine whether he could be hungry or angry or sick. Worse, he was weird, dirty, passive and malnourished with pale eyes, brownish hair, a swollen stomach and a poor health state. We placed Marvin in our Kayirikiti foster family and offered him a loving new home comprising of a father, mother, sisters and brothers. We took good care of Marvin, nurtured, nursed and dewormed him, fed him so well and taught him social habits. He got back on track. Marvin is now accessing education but the challenge is that Marvin is missing someone to sponsor him. Due to our limited resources, we find it difficult to support Marvin to access education and the necessities of life.

Please sponsor Marvin, for £24 a month or £288 a year for tuition and stationery, you can help Marvin attend School, and acquire an education to start breaking the cycle of poverty.

Click on this link to sign up to sponsor Marvin now with your PayPal account, credit or debit card.

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