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Can you please Sponsor or help Nabulya Maria to get a sponsor today?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Whatever you choose to water, gets life and grows. In the same way as humans we need support to in order to move to the next level in life and grow. What are you watering? Here is Maria who needs your help to successfully navigate through the challenges of this troubled world. Choose to water Maria today.

Nabulya Maria was born on 23 March 2007. At the age of 2 years, her parents divorced and abandoned her to her aged and helpless paternal grandmother, who sought support of Youth With A Vision. The whereabouts of Maria's parents is not yet known to-date. Maria is a kind and happy girl. she has four siblings, and she stays at Youth With A Vision's foster family at Kayirikiti Village, Masaka City, Uganda. She is in Primary Three and she wants to study hard and become a nurse and treat sick people. Maria cannot realize her dream career without receiving education and her other basic needs like any other child.

Maria's school opens up on 12th April 2021, and she won't be allowed to access school unless she pays tuition and all the required stationery. Unfortunately Maria has no someone to pay for her education, stationery and basic needs.

For £24 per month you can help to sponsor her to access an education, acquire skills and knowledge so that she will be able to fight poverty, and change bad things around her and her community.

If you or your family or club or Church would like to sponsor Maria, please click on this link to start today.

If you are not able to sponsor Maria, please share this post, and perhaps you can help to locate a sponsor for her.

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