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We have supported Emmanuel to establish his enterprise.

Updated: May 29, 2021

In our last update, we informed you about the accomplishments we had over Emmanuel Kwagala of Bakwagalana Cattle Rearing Project located at Kayonza, Kacheera, Buyamba in Rakai District.

Through the month of May 2021, we have been working with the enterprise - assessing the progress as well as the difference that has been made as a result of your support, since March 2021 when Emma received a loan to start up his project. We are glad to inform you that Bakwagalana Cattle Rearing Project is now set.

In the picture: Emmanuel Kwagala grazing he cow he bought for his enterprise

Our previous visit to Emma was so impressive; we found his Bakwagalana Cattle Rearing project doing well, and we were motivated to hear that he wanted to buy more cattle to expand his project, and become the the leading supplier of quality milk, hides and skins, and meat in the whole of Rakai district and the nearby communities. Emmanuel further said that he wants to construct a dairy in his area so that he can collect and supply quality, fresh and affordable milk for populations in his area.

Before the outbreak of Covid-19, the number of unemployed young people here in Uganda was already very high, and after the pandemic, many more youth lost their jobs. Now the number of unemployed youth coming to us every day, seeking support with their employment is overwhelming. And requires concerted efforts to bring about the transformation needed among the young people.

In this era of youth unemployment, our Youth Finance Scheme is the beacon of hope for many young people who would like to start or rejuvenate their own enterprises and become self-sufficient. We have continued to provide business planning skills to the young people that come to us. And this is where we can stop so far, not until a generous donor makes it possible for us to provide business internship, and later on loan and ongoing mentorship for youth who have effectively drawn up their business plans and ready to kick start their own enterprises.

Through the Youth Finance Scheme, we empower unemployed youth to become self sufficient, by providing business planning and finance management skills, internship, ongoing mentorship and affordable and collateral free loans for them to establish their own enterprises.

Sadly, with our limited resources we can't serve unemployed young people that currently come to us unless you get involved.

When you donate to the Youth Finance Scheme, you are helping to sponsor a youth to access internships and be able to start his/her own enterprise.

Your donation also helps to provide ongoing mentorship for the youth enterprise.

Get involved now and you help unemployed youth to regain their employability lost due to poverty and Covid-19 or learn more about the Youth Finance Scheme at

We appreciate so much all your great support!

Feel happy

Juliet Nampanja Kizza

Manager - Youth Finance Scheme

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