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I am glad that I have grown under the wings of Youth With A Vision

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

It is now 14 years since we enrolled Ssemwanga Moses on Youth With A vision support.

Moses narrates his story and we would like to share it with you.

“It was in 2007 by then I was in P. 3 life was hard for me as well as my family I had spent 2 years without attending school due to poverty. My hope for education had gradually disappeared. I and my siblings were raised up by our single mother who is uneducated and a peasant farmer. It was so difficult for my mother to get all of our basic needs.

When I got enrolled by Youth With A Vision things started changing slowly.

Youth With A Vision started taking care of my education by paying my school fees and giving me scholastic materials while at Masaka Army Primary school until when I completed my Primary level. Again with the support of Youth With A Vision, I joined Kijjabwemi Secondary School for my Secondary education. I have been motivated and guided by Youth With A Vision to stay focused in everything I do. Click to learn more about our child sponsorship program

Benefited in the Youth Finance scheme

In 2015 I got a chance to be among the pioneer beneficiaries of the Youth Finance Scheme. I received a start-up capital that helped me to start the Perry Brick Making project. This project changed my family a lot as we generated income that enabled us to meet our day-to-day needs, it also helped me to support my young siblings with school fees to further their studies. Click to learn more about the Youth Finance Scheme

Moses and his bricks

Received support in the covid-19 lockdown

In 2020, when the whole world was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, everything was put on a standstill and accessing essentials such as food and a sanitizer was hard but, Youth With A vision continued to provide food and essentials for me and my family.

When I had no hope of furthering my studies, again with the support from Youth With A vision I got a sponsor by names of Cindy Godwin and I joined Muteesa I Royal University where I am in my first year pursuing a career in business administration.

I am studying so hard to excel and become an exemplary citizen. When I complete my education and start earning some money, I want to support less privileged children that find hardship in their day-to-day life. My vote of thanks goes to my sponsor and Youth With A Vision for the great work they have done to pave a way for my bright future.

I am so grateful for all your support. May God bless you all''.

SSemwanga Moses - Muteesa 1 Royal University, Kirumba Masaka Uganda

Huge thanks to you all our sponsors and supporters, because of you many young people like Moses have grown up under the support of Youth With A Vision, and have got a story to share with you now. Your support enables us to move an extra mile in changing the lives of the less privileged children.

We thank you a lot for sticking with Youth With A Vision in all seasons.

Here are some of the children whose hope has been deferred and desperately needed for a sponsor. Perhaps you could be the one to sponsor one or all of them.

Alternatively, follow this link for other children in need of a sponsor Support the Youth Finance Scheme Please sponsor a youth for an internship or youth to start her own enterprise or sponsor a mentor to provide ongoing support for the youth enterprise or make a contribution to the Youth Finance Scheme. Make A One Off or Monthly Donation Donate Online Click the donate button below to donate with PayPal. #sharetheloveatyouthwithavision

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