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We have reached more less privileged families.

Today we have delivered food ration to five families, including Ms Agnes Nakyanzi a resident of Kitenga village. And this is her story.

"My name is Agnes Nakyanzi, I am a mother of five children. Together with my husband we were selling fish at the Lambu a shore along lake Victoria in Masaka District. When things got worse due to coronavirus outbreak, I returned to our home here at Kitenga and left my husband to continue fending for our family while I take care of children. My husband used to send me an equivalent of $3 every week for the family essentials. When the government intensified restrictions to stop Coronavirus, he too lost his job and confined at Lambu and he can't come home not until the restrictions are lifted. Life has become hard for us all due to lack of money to buy food.

This situation of lack even forced to send one of my daughters to stay with one of my relatives so that i reduce on the burden under my shoulder.

Every time I wish my husband was here, and we could together craft ways to provide at least food for the family.

We have spent 24 hours on an empty stomach, and right now you have found me preparing this African tea to at least feed my hungry children. This is what is within my means, and I wanted to ensure that children can at least survive for a day or more".

It has been around 2:00 pm today, usually the time when most families have their lunch and we arrived at Agnes' single room residence. And indeed we found her saving tea, our staff Juliet took a swipe of tea and it was tasteless - without the ingredient of sugar!

When we asked Agnes about her knowledge on the coronavirus pandemic, she told us that she has no factual information about the how the pandemic spreads and that she only hears about the government directives from her neighbour who has both a phone and a radio. So we taught Agnes the basic information about the pandemic, then delivered the ration including maize flour, rice, and sugar, and we left her and her children smiling big.

Our experience from the families we have so far served is, eating both lunch and supper for some has now become a luxury and many have now resorted to one meal a day. And children are no longer eating to satisfaction but only for survival.

With your donation Mothers like Agnes can get something to feed their children. We thank you a lot for your continuous support during this hard time. your support brings hope in the lives of less privileged families. We still have less privileged families that are in need of our support.

Things are getting worse for vulnerable children and families everyday. Please donate today and you support a family in need.

This is how your contribution can help.

  • £6 ($8) (€8) will buy ingredients to make 10 liters of proven effective liquid soap to sanitize one family for two months. - We now target 150 families across the Masaka community.

  • £18 ($22) (€20) will provide a food parcel containing (5kgs of maize flour, 5kg of rice, 1.5 kgs of sugar, 5kgs of beans) for one family of four members for two weeks. – we Target 50 families.

  • £200 ($257) (€250) will provide one Television set to provide televised classes to students currently missing out on classes. Our wish is 4 sets.

  • £1 ($1) (€1) will buy 1 pair of gloves for one health worker- we need 500 pairs. £267 ($343) (€334) will buy 1 temperature testing kit- our wish is 2 Kits.

This is how you can send through your donation

Online: Make a secure and simple online donation with your PayPal or card

Donate through the bank as follows;

Country of Bank Account: Uganda

Account Number: 5053284001

Account Holders Name: YOUTH WITH A VISION



Send Mobile Money with your Phone via worldremit at or to telephone +256771614922 Or +256750159155

You donated already but you feel you want to donate again!

You are very much appreciated. Please donate again at

Other ways you can help;

  • Share this update and the work of Youth With A Vision with your networks and help to spread the word.

  • Keep watch of this space for upcoming updates and news.

Thank you so much for supporting Youth With A Vision

Lean and Juliet

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