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Hello! I send you warm greetings from everyone here at Youth With A Vision in Uganda. We thank God that has brought us to the end of this challenging year. Our hope is that you and your family are safe and doing well. We thank you for all your donations, sponsorship, and support you gave to Youth With A Vision in 2020. During 2020 you helped us raise UGX 48,000,000 (£10212.76) ($12631.57 ) (€11162.79) Words can't express how grateful we are for putting trust in us by investing in our Mission especially in a challenging time. THANK YOU. This support has enabled us to benefit 1906 people through our different program and below is how your generous donation and support has enabled us to make an impact in the lives of less privileged families Masaka community.

You have provided education to the less privileged children.

Children education. Helping the less privileged children access education and help them to become productive & self-sustainable in the future by paying their school fees, giving them scholastic material and guidance. This year, studies were interrupted by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic that led to putting the country under a lockdown. Schools were closed and students were directed to go back home. We had already supported 86 students to access education. During the lockdown, the government introduced the study at home program that was aimed at teaching students

while at home. The mean that was put in place to enable the continuation of classes includes television, radios, newspaper, and the internet the means that were not available to the less privileged children in our community. We tried our best to enable less privileged children to access education by providing television sets, radio, and distributing learning materials from the ministry of education. We managed to help 276 students to access education during and after the lockdown. Again, this year, we provide tuition fees for Ingabire Doreen a nursing student at Masaka school of comprehensive nursing. we have also admitted one student at the university.

Watch Ingabire Doreen a nursing student who benefited from your support.

Feeding program.

This program is aimed at extending a meal (a cup of porridge) to malnourished and starving children in schools, our foster families, and the community of Masaka.

Before the outbreak of the covid-19 this program was benefiting children from 86 families. The outbreak of Covid-19 that forced people into a lockdown increased the demand for food from the community since most of the people were not working and it was hard for them to get what to eat. This forced us to extend this program to more than 1500 people around the Masaka community.

Vocational skills

By giving children vocation skills we aim at making them creative and prepare them to be all-around citizens with productive skills that are essential for a bright future. this year, children have learned tailoring skills and crafts and skills children can now make different crafts products using threads, sisals, and other local materials. Products include scarfs, table mat and bottle designing, necklaces, etc.

Hear from a beneficiary.

“I am so happy that have learned new skills during this year, I can now make necklaces, scarfs, and bags. thank you so much for teaching us these skills “,

Nakayondo Shadia.

Talent Development. Promoting talents is also another way of preparing less privileged children for a brighter future. In this year, less privileged children under our care have got a chance to develop their talents in music dance, and drama. Children have got training on how to play different musical instruments like trumpets, trombones, saxophones, and other instruments. We have engaged children in Jeruseleme dance challenge. In addition, they have also started practicing traditional dance which also helps them to learn about their cultures. Through music dance and drama, we aim also at giving children therapy that can take away the stress out of them and make them experience a sense of belonging.

Children in a music lesson.

Provided Health care. During this year, we have ensured all less privileged children stay protected from the Covid-19 pandemic by encouraging regular washing of hands using water and soap, using face masks, and restricting unnecessary movements and meetings. Still, in health care, we have vaccinated children to protect them from diseases.

Watch the video of Eric Wasswa Kannakulya one of the children with disabilities who benefited from our advocacy work in 2020

RiseOverCovid campaign.

During this year we launched the RiseOverCovid campaign to raise funds for the construction of a disabled Latrine at Safe Care Primary School and a classroom block at St Catherine primary school. Because of Covid-19, this campaign has worked as the Dine So They Can event virtual campaign which was to be held on 3rd October.

Christmas Party.

Every year we have been organizing a kids Christmas party where all less privileged children under our care from different centers and schools join together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. But due to the covid-19 pandemic that has restricted gatherings, we have been unable to organize a party instead we have decided to give out food parcels to the families of the less privileged children under our care. we managed to distribute 130 food parcels to 130 less privileged families.

Children sponsorship

This program is aimed at enabling less privileged and abandoned children to access basic needs like any other children including giving them an opportunity to access education. This year Achan Catherine, Ssemate Raymond, and Naluyinda Shirat got sponsored and they have started enjoying the fruits of children sponsorship.

When you sponsor a child, you bring hope and joy in his or her life. watch Shirat who got a sponsor


We have supported less privileged youth during the difficult times

The transition to adulthood has always been an issue and a hard time for many youths. This is because access to financial and social assets is limited, and creates further complications on the quality of their lives.

Although we had the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country, this did not stop us from supporting Youth. We have managed to give out loans to Five new beneficiaries, one received UGX: 1,800,000, £400, €450, and $515 to re-invest her second-hand clothes business, the second received UGX: 1,000,000, £223, €250, and $286 to boost her second-hand shoes and cosmetics business, the third received UGX: 500,000,£112, €125 and $143 to start up a tailing business, the fourth received UGX:1,000,000, £223, €250 and $286 to boost a drug shop and the last received UGX: 300,000, £61, €69, and $82 to start up a chapatti making business. Making a total of UGX: 4,600,000, £939, €1,041, and $1,255, they have paid UGX: 1,164,000, £237, €261, and $317 out of UGX: 5,675,000, £1,155, €1,272, and $1,542 they are to bring back. All beneficiaries have paid back UGX: 7,185,000, £1,462, €1,610 and $1,952 a year. Helped 3 beneficiaries whose businesses collapsed during the pandemic with free stimulus loan to restart again and empowering businesses whose businesses were closed to start up small activities that do not require much capital to earn a living as they were waiting for their businesses to be opened. Sadly, we had planned to create employment opportunities for over fifty (50) youth but we have not managed to support all these youth due to the pandemic. Providing internship. This year we have provided Internships to 30 youth, provided five (5) youth with start-up loans, and the 25 youth are done with the internship ready to start-up businesses just waiting for start-up capital.


“When I graduated in December 2019 I didn’t know where to start because I did not have the capital to start my own business and my friend told me about Youth With A Vision - Finance Scheme where I applied and got a loan and support. I started Standard Fashion Designers in March 2020, being able to make different designs fashion and mending people’s clothes. I am so excited that am able to support myself as well as my family and financially independent. As of now, I got room to work at a low cost and am saving money to take care of my parents and to pay my siblings’ school fees. Thank you. May the good Lord bless”. A word from Malyante Noeline

Mentoring and supervision.

Beneficiaries are mentored and supervised by our mentors every month as assigned to each beneficiary. In this supervision, 15 beneficiaries have gained skills and knowledge of managing and maintaining their businesses.

Capacity building. We have conducted 3 quarterly meetings with the beneficiaries to introduce new beneficiaries to the old beneficiaries, sharing business experiences and knowledge within themselves. These meetings help beneficiaries to have the best practices of how to manage their businesses in their working places.

COVID-19 Relief. We have provided food and liquid soap for a sanitizer to 1,505 needy families in Greater Masaka Region during the pandemic because most businesses were closed and they were not earning an income to buy food and other essentials used at home.

This is how your support in 2020 helped families like that of Fatumah. "My name is Nassimbwa Fatumah, I am a mother of 11 children. Because of COVID, I and my husband who is a local carpenter lost his job. We have been struggling to get food for all our children on the table. But thanks for your help, all our children are able to get something to eat and don't need to starve. When life improves and the rains come, I will be able to cultivate our small piece of land and grow food for our family''

Re-usable sanitary pads workshop Over 20 girls and young women acquired skills in making reusable sanitary pads to reduce the number of young girls getting pregnant in need of money to buy sanitary towels. The workshop was sponsored by Youth With A Vision and its partner Project the project.

2020 has come to an end. But as we enter the year 2021, we are faced with a great need of resources to support more than 50 youth whose businesses collapsed due to Covid-19 to get back on their feet and became sustainable. Schools are opening for all students and 102 non-sponsored children under our program need to be facilitated to access and stay in school and be able to gain knowledge to brighten their future. We honestly imagine and feel the impact of Covid-19 has had on you and yours But here in Masaka Uganda, the impact of Covid-19 has been huge and our programs with the already less privileged children and youth hit hardest by covid-19, we can't survive without you. Please if you are able, support us in your way again in 2021 and more.

APPEALS We are running a number of appeals and campaigns, and we can't have a breakthrough without you. Therefore, we are kindly requesting you to support Youth With A Vision in any of the following ways you can. We need a motorcycle for pressing transport needs We need a breakthrough with the acquisition of a motorcycle to effectively conduct regular appraisal and mentorship of youth enterprises. We need our own and cheap transport means for regular distribution of study materials for students who are still studying from home. We need to make regular checks on the welfare of children in foster care. We also need to carry sick children to the hospital, and to pick and distribute medicines for children living with HIV/AIDS. Please if you can donate to provide a motorcycle. We are in need of £1,100 (€1,320) ($1,400) UGX: (4,950,000) so that we buy a motorcycle to have a breakthrough with pressing transport demands. Contributions and in-kind donations are welcome.

Sponsor A Child

Sponsoring a child is an effective way to provide opportunities for prosperity to all children and communities in need. When you sponsor a child, you help to provide to him or her the basic necessities, including better nutrition, basic healthcare, education, economic opportunities, access to clean water, and a place to call home to help them reach their God-given potential. We need alongside us to facilitate the development of children trapped by poverty in Uganda. The children below are in desperate need of a sponsor. Please sponsor or help them get a sponsor now. Nalubega Alice Martha Sponsor Magezi Eliezer Sponsor Kalyango Fred Sponsor Naamala Prossy Kannakulya Eric Click here for the other children in need of a sponsor

To gift less privileged children and youth an opportunity for a better life Donate Online with PayPal, Credit or Debit card

Your monthly donation will help to sustain our vital projects By investing as little as £10.00 or $10.00 or €10.00 a month, you would help sustain Youth With A Vision and help us reach more children and youth who need our doors open all the time! Your donation goes farther to provide food, education and employment opportunities, and protection for the less privileged children and youth in Uganda.

Your donation will fund our non-sponsored projects, non-sponsored children and youth who are struggling to turn a corner in life.

Donate Direct into our Bank Account Country of Bank Account: Uganda Account Number: 5053284001 Account Holders Name: YOUTH WITH A VISION Bank Name: DIAMOND TRUST BANK UGANDA LIMITED Bank Address: DIAMOND TRUST BUILDING 17-19 KAMPALA ROAD, KAMPALA SWIFT/BIC: DTKEUGKA

By donating to Youth With A Vision’s Kids Christmas Appeal you can ensure that every child in our care receives a gift this Christmas.

Buy from Our OnlineShop and Gift Catalog are great places to pick up lots of great gift merchandise for you, your friends, and family, all of which is just another way that you can make our vital work with the vulnerable children, youth, and families possible. Most of these merchandises are made by children and youth on the program!

In Gratitude and Solidarity John Mugabi Director and Founder Leandrew Muleme Project Manager - Child Development Juliet Nampanja Kizza Project Manager - Youth Finance Scheme #sponsorachildwithyouthwithavision #Tubayiirawoomubiri #RiseOverCovid #youthwithavisionUpdates Sharing is powerful and help reach more supporters. Please share this update with your family, friends and colleagues, and show them why you support Youth With A Vision Thanking you!

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