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Sponsor Naamala Prossy

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Birthday: 5-July- 2012

Prossy is a happy and kind girl with few words.

Prossy's Father died and now she lives with her single and jobless mother and her little siblings. The mother does casual labour which sometimes isn't available. the money she earns is spent on food and medication for Prossy whose health is often unstable due to

malnutrition, and nothing is left to facilitate the education of prossy and her siblings. So Prossy and her siblings often miss a second meal a day, and they are thrown out of the house due to failure to pay rent. Sponsoring Prossy for education could be the only way to brighten her future.

Would you like to sponsor Prossy today? When you sponsor Prossy, you empower her to stay at school to fulfil her dream of becoming a nurse and start breaking the cycle of poverty and change the bad things around her when she grows up.

if you would like to sponsor Prossy Naamala, you will be very much appreciated.

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