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Sponsor Kayiira Andrew.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Date of Birth: 13th-04-2009.

This is Andrew Kayiira, one of the orphaned children under our care. He is 14 years old and longing to join High/Secondary school and be able break the cycle of poverty.

Andrew's parents died of HIV/AIDs when he was three years, and he was placed under the care of his elderly paternal grandfather with whom we have been taking care of him. It's unfortunate that Andrew was born with HIV/AIDS and he is always on medication.

In 2021 his grandfather also died and left him without a relative, not even anyone to look after him. After the death of all his close relatives, Andrew started staying a lone in a deserted old house, he started fending for himself. He did all sorts of causal jobs in the village including grazing cattle for the community, providing labour on construction sites and on farms to get what to eat and meet his day-to-day needs. Eventually, he dropped out of school because he could not balance between looking for food, school fees and other necessities and attending school.

When his former school - Kako Primary School took long without siting him, they started a search and found him grazing cattle for food. They found him struggling to cope. So, the headteacher referred Andrew to Youth With A Vision for support, and with our little resources, we started supporting him.

And besides providing Andrew with counselling and care services, basic needs including food, clothing, delivering medicines for him, we supported him to complete primary education last year. Andrew loves to be in school and his dream is to become a teacher and help teach less privileged children who are struggling with school fees and other hardships. But he can't achieve his dream without you. He now wants to join High/Secondary school but he has nothing.

We would like to partner with whoever is willing to support Andrew to further his education and be able to reach his full potential.

Are you able to help Andrew today?

This is how you can help us to help him.

Sponsor Andrew for £35 a month or £420 a year you can help Andrew to join High/Secondary School and fulfil his dream. Your monthly gift help provide tuition and stationery for Andrew, but you can choose to add another £10 a month for lunch meals. If you choose to provide a lunch meal for Andrew, this means that your monthly gift will add up to £45 to provide tuition, stationery and lunch meals for Andrew to attend school and become sustainable. No worries if you can't afford to add on a gift for lunch. We will appreciate whatever you are able to support Andrew with.

Make a one-off donation of £38 and help provide Andrew with an Education Kit containing; 12 notebooks, 10 biro pens, 12 pencils, 1 geometry set, 1 calculator, 1 pair of shoes and socks, 1 ruler, 1 school bag, 1 toothpaste and brush to enable him write, draw, colour, calculate, brush teeth, express himself and above all learn.

Did you know?

You can make a contribution of any amount of money towards Andrew's education and your contribution will add up with that from others and help provide him with an education.

You can also choose to sponsor only lunch meals for Andrew or tuition and stationery only or sponsor just an Education Kit. Whatever, you are able to do to help Andrew will be greatly appreciated.

Please click on this link to set up your sponsorship for Andrew today.

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