Can you Sponsor or help Kalyango Fred to get a Sponsor today?

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Each child has his/her dream and it requires the support of caring and kind people to become true.

"My biggest goal is becoming a doctor and be able to treat the many struggling sick people. Sadly I don't have money to accomplish my goal! If you believe in my goal, please support me today". Says Fred Kalyango (Birthday: 17 August 2008) one of the children whose hope has been deferred.

Fred is an orphan. He is a kind and silent boy who likes playing football. He has four siblings. Fred is in Primary Three. He stays at Youth With A Vision's foster family at Kayirikiti Village. He needs education and other basic needs like any other child but he has no someone to provide these needs for him. Fred's school opens up on Monday 12th April 2021 but he won't be allowed to access school unless he has all the stationery required and paid tuition.

Sometimes it is all about our will, interest and love that we can turn around someone's life.

Can you or your family or club or your Church join in and sponsor Fred with Youth With A Vision?

If you would like to sponsor Fred, please start today at

If you are not able to sponsor Fred but you are interested in seeing him sponsored, please share this blog and perhaps you might help him to get a sponsor today.

Thank you for all your support!








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