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Sponsor Eva Nassaazi

Birthday:19-Dec-2000 | Sex: Female

Eva Nassaazi was born on 19th December 2000 her father died from a stroke and her mother disappeared living her with an aged and helpless grandmother. Eva has been struggling to keep at school. She has often been sent back home for tuition which has always not been available and she ends up missing out on the curriculum. On 15th December 2019, Eva was brought into our foster care while in need of funding to resume and complete her fourth year of High School at ST. Jude Secondary School. Eva is a very hardworking and devoted girl and if she misses school this year it means she can’t pursue any career. Yet after completing the fours year she can branch-off and pursue a junior course in some areas of study. Even though Eva’s school opened already on 27th January 2020, for her she has not yet started due to a lack of funds for tuition and registration fees for her Ordinary Level Examination. Her school wants at least 75% of tuition and examinations fees paid before she can be allowed into school. For this fourth year, Eva’s tuition varies and is as below; For this first term, she needs £245 | €440 |$268 (this includes fees for O levels Examinations) For the second term she needs £200|€247 |$268 (including stationery) For the third term she needs £200|€247 |$268 (including stationery)

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