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We send you warm greetings from everyone here at Youth With A Vision. We thank God who has brought us to the end of this month. We hope that you and your family are doing well and safe. We are grateful for all your support and for trusting us by investing in our Mission. Your support has enabled us to help more people through our different program and below is how your donation and support has enabled us to make an impact in the lives of the less privileged families in Masaka community.

Your support has enabled us to maintain homeschooling opportunities

The delay of re-opening of schools has forced many young girls into teen mothers. Schools always kept children busy all day long but lockdown without education has created a space for girls to join bad peer groups that have driven them into having unprotected sex. Masaka has registered over 1,064 pregnancies amongst school-going children during the Covid-19 induced lockdown, according to the city's Probation Officer, Ms Maria Nagawa. Records at the district probation office show that the victims are adolescent girls aged between 12 and 19. This is why we remain determined to see that less privileged children under our support don't become victims through our different programs like the home-schooling program and the vocation skills program. We are trying to bring back hope for children who are desperate about education by extending means for them to access education. With your support, through our homeschooling program, most of the children under our support have been able to access education during this month where education is only accessed using radios, Television and the internet. Hear how this program helps children under our support from one of the Beneficiaries.

“I have been helped to study online, youth With A Vision has availed me with the internet as well as the computer to access online lecture, I do my research and also attempt my assignments from the lecturers. I was afraid of how to access online lectures since internet charges are high but I have acquired enough resources from Youth With A Vision and everything is moving smoothly. Thank Youth With A Vision for this golden opportunity provided to me during my education.” Ssemwanga Moses first year students at Muteesa 1 Royal University one of the beneficiaries of our homeschooling program. It is because of your support that has enabled us to give less privileged students like Moses a chance to access education. We thank you so much.

Distributed Sanitary pads.

Girls from the less privileged families face a lot of challenges when it comes to their menstruation period because their parents and guardians cannot afford to buy sanitary towels every month, this forces girls to use unhealthy materials which are harmful to their health.

Youth With A Vision in partnership with "Project The Project-UK", we have distributed 200 re-usable sanitary towels to girls and youth under our support in Ssunga community and we have trained them how to use the sanitary towels and also teaching them about menstrual hygiene.

On addition to sanitary towels we have also distributed 200 masks and encouraged parents and children to maintain the Standard operating procedures as away of fighting against Covid-19.

The sanitary towels and masks are made using machine by trained young people at Youth With A Vision. Thank you Project the Project for the continued support.

We have organised an online Dine So They Can auction. Dine, So They Can Day is the annual Youth With A Vision fundraiser where people around the world host events or participate in raising funds. People participate by doing something (let it be breakfast for your friends, colleagues or collecting change money with your school, Donate directly to Youth With A Vision and other many ways), and help us raise funds for our vital projects with the vulnerable young people in Uganda. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that restricted gatherings here in Uganda, we are unable to host an event as we used to do. But instead, we have organised an online auction. The auction includes 12 packages made by children and youth at Youth With A Vision using hands and machines. The interesting part of this auction is that every bid is a winner. The auction is now open at for you to bid and the auction will end on Sunday 3rd October 2021 at 11:59 Pm East African time. Bid, win and support the less privileged children and youth in Masaka Community.

Become a sponsor or help us locate a sponsor We are short of funds and according to the government of Uganda, schools are re-opening in this coming Year January 2022. Our major worry is that the many impoverished children registered on our project, will not attend school unless you help them. It's unfortunate that the biggest percentage of children under our support have no sponsors. This limits our support to the rest of the children without sponsors. Children under our support need more than what we can give them but due to our limited resources, we cant exceed our potential. But through children sponsorship, children can meet their daily needs while at home as well as helping them to access education and meet their future dreams in life. We have been sharing with you the children below and they are some of those that have been waiting for 14 to 26 months without getting a sponsor. If you are able and interested, it would really be very impactful - a decision - if you sponsor or help any of these children to get a sponsor and help him or her to brighten their future. Perhaps you already sponsor a child with us and you know how rewarding it is to see your sponsored child thriving and you would like to sponsor an additional child - we appreciate you so much. Please click on the links corresponding with the child's name - to sponsor him or her and or to hear about the child's story. Sponsor Nakawooya Racheal Sponsor Magazi Eliezer Sponsor Nabulya Maria. Sponsor Ssenkungu Robert Sponsor Luyinda Aron Sponsor Noeline Nalubowa Alternatively, visit to read more about the sponsorship program and more children in need of a sponsor.


This month we visited Noeline Malyante of Standard Fashion Designers located in Kayirikiti-Nyendo to check on the progress of her business.

In a discussion with Noeline, this is what she informed us.

"My business is progressing well and I started up two new small businesses where I expect to get an income to add to my business. One of these businesses is rearing broiler chicken which I buy at £0.8 €0.9 $1 and UGX: 3,500 when they are three weeks, rears these broilers for one month and I sell each chick at £2.2, €2.5, $3and UGX: 10,000. I also add on mobile money where I send and withdrawal money, airtime, pay electricity (Yaka) and making many other payments. I run these businesses together with my mother who is also my guarantor and a mentor. I am glad that today I can afford to pay my loan instalments every month, buy my basic needs and taking good care of my family without any hesitation. I want to create more employment opportunities for my fellow youth so that they can also earn an income and become sustainable in future. My dream is to start up a textile shop dealing in selling different textile materials like Bitengi, polyester clothes and many other materials.

Thank you for supporting us create our own employment opportunities to come out of poverty."

We were impressed by what we found on the ground because we all know these are difficult times. Noeline is one of the most active beneficiaries who always seek advice and knowledge of running her business.

We are looking forward to getting more support to help other youths that are still pending and beneficiaries whose businesses were affected by the pandemic. Among those on the waiting list is Nalongo.

Read more about her story hope you will get inspired.

Nalongo is a single mother of 4 children and a resident of Kasijjagirwa Kimaanya Kyabakuza Masaka City in Uganda.

She is unemployed and struggling to take good care of her children. In a one-on-one with our staff Juliet, Nalongo narrates how her agony started, and it was when her husband serving with the Uganda military got deployed in volatile Somalia in 2018.

She says that communication with her husband was regulated through the Army protocol and it suddenly stopped in early 2019. Since then she has not heard from him, and that, whenever she tried to engage the Army to find out about him, they could only tell her to wait.

The Army in the initial months of deployment of her husband, used to pass over to her salary of her husband and it stopped in late 2019. Nalongo became suspicious that something strange might have happened to her husband and that the Army is trying to buy time by not telling her the true fate of her husband. Currently, Nalongo is struggling to take good care of herself and her children. As you might have watched our video appeal for food in our July 2021 Update, Nalongo is the young woman you see in the video and with your support we have been supplying food for her and her children. But now we need to help her to do something sustainable. Currently Nalongo weaves baskets which she struggles to sell to get an income to take care of her family. She sells her basket at £0.4 and in a month she can sell just 5 baskets - giving her just £2 not enough to pay for house rental and other essentials.

Nalongo's dream is to starting a realistic enterprise to improve her condition of life. Through our Youth Finance Scheme, she would like to start a Vegetable and Charcoal stall and to do this, she needs £270 ($365)(€305) for business planning, financial literacy, internship and capital for the business. If you are able to donate to empower Nalongo to start her own small enterprise, we shall give her this money in form of an interest-free loan coupled with mentorship to help her establish and run her enterprise effectively. And when her enterprise becomes sustainable, she will be able to pay back her loan without any obstacle and we will use the payback to help other young people kick start their own enterprises. Can you be Nalongo’s hope today and change her life as well as her children’s well-being? Please donate here with a caption ''Nalongo''

Upcoming Events On 1, 2, and 3 October 2021 are the dates for Dine So They Can Day, our major annual fundraising event through which we raise funds to inspire others and to support our vital projects providing healthcare, education, youth empowerment and feeding program. We are kindly asking you to participate by doing something (let it be breakfast for your friends, colleagues or collecting change money with your school - these are just ideas to add to yours), and help us raise funds for our vital projects with the vulnerable young people in Uganda. If you feel you would like to participate, we would like to hear from you. For more information and to sign up please go to Loch Ness Marathon – 3rd October 2021 Our benefactor Andrew Hince is participating in this Marathon to help raise funds for Youth With A Vision to acquire a motorcycle that would help ease transport and minimize costs for providing regular mentorship and delivery of medications for especially HIV/AIDS young people. We would be very grateful for your sponsorship for Andy! Follow this link to sponsor Andy today We are collecting Christmas Food Parcels and Gifts for kids Due to the covid-19 pandemic, we shall not hold a big feast for all our supported children as usual but instead, we shall pack food and gift parcels and distribute them door to door to the families of the less privileged children under our support. Your generous donation will not only ensure that every child in Youth With A Vision's care receives a gift, but also surprise and delight children as they open a Christmas gift during a time of unexpected challenges. And will remind them that they are known, they are loved, and they matter. Are you a child sponsor or a friend interested in giving a gift for a less fortunate child this Christmas? Our gift catalog is a perfect place for you to choose a life-changing gift for a less fortunate child at Youth With A Vision this Christmas. Tour to Make A Difference We are soon rolling out this tour program which will help friends and supporters to explore Uganda's culture, Climate, History, and game parks - antiquities and heritages. The tour will be both physically and Virtually with the aim of helping to fund our projects with the vulnerable and disadvantaged young people here in Uganda. Please stay tuned in for developments as they unfold with this program.

Are you able to support the young people, and you would like to donate to their specific needs? This is how you can help.

Donate a laptop A gift of £360 ($500) (€425) will provide 1 laptop to be shared by 3 semi and final year students to effectively access online education through the pandemic. Food and Sanitizer relief A gift of £18 ($22) (€20) will provide food and a sanitiser for a family of 4 members for over 2 weeks. A radio for Home School for children without access to the internet or Television: A gift of £7 ($9) (€8) will provide 1 radio for 2 to 4 children to learn from home and through the pandemic. Smart-phone: A gift of £78 ($100) (€94) will provide 1 phone for 1 student to access online education through the pandemic. We would need 10 phones but we really appreciate whatever you can donate. Internet Data Bundles: A gift of £4 ($5) (€6) will provide 3 GBs of internet data bundle per week to help download study materials for home-schooling through the pandemic. Sanitary towels for adolescent girls: A gift of £7 ($9) (€8) will provide textile for making 30 machine-sewn reusable sanitary towels per month through the pandemic. Face Masks: A gift of £6 ($8) (€7) will provide textile for making 30 face masks for 15 people (2 masks per person) through the pandemic. Would like to donate your way and gift less privileged children and youth an opportunity for a better life? Become A Monthly Donor A monthly gift of any amount will really help to sustain Youth With A Vision, and help us bring in children, youth, and families who need our doors open all the time! Your monthly donation goes further to provide food, education and alternative employment opportunities, and protection for the less privileged young people in Uganda. Buy from our Online Shop and Gift catalog and you receive it at your address Our Online Shop and Gift Catalog are great places to pick up lots of great gift merchandise for you, your friends, and family, all of which is just another way that you can make our vital work with the vulnerable children, youth, and families possible. Check our Wish List and perhaps you may help us to have a breakthrough with some of the items that we wish to have. We encourage you to read through our Year Work Plan & Finance Estimates Perhaps you may pick or encourage your group to pick a segment to support and help us to realize our year plans. Just for the benefit of the vulnerable young people in Uganda. Click here. For friends and supporters asking for our bank details they are as follows: Account Name: YOUTH WITH A VISION Account Number: 5053284001 Bank Name: DIAMOND TRUST BANK UGANDA LIMITED Bank Address: DIAMOND TRUST BUILDING 17-19 KAMPALA ROAD, KAMPALA SWIFT/BIC: DTKEUGKA Country of Bank Account: UGANDA And our PayPal account email is We thank you all, you are really helping Youth With A Vision to Make A Difference even in these hard times! We wish you all a Happy new month and hope to hear from you again in the new month. Best Regards John Mugabi, Juliet Nampanja Kizza, and Leandrew Muleme at Youth With A Vision

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