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November 2020 update.

Hello! I send you warm greetings from everyone here at Youth With A Vision in Uganda. It has been a month ago since we lasted updated you. Our hope is that you and your family are safe and doing well. We thank you for all your donations, sponsorship, and support you give to Youth With A Vision. We are so thankful to you all who read through our updates and send us encouraging remarks! What you might regard as small words, make our vital work rewarding and enjoyable! We are glad to update you on what we have been up to during the month of November 2020, and hope you will be inspired.

We are making all efforts to provide education to all students.

Candidates under our sponsorship program are now sure of sitting their coming final exams after receiving registration fees required by the Ministry of Education to register them as candidates. For students who are still at home, we have continued to give them self-learning materials from the ministry to help them continue with their education while at home. We believe that education is every child’s brightest hope for a better future and that every child offers something special. So we make sure children and youth are safe, access education, grow healthy, and gain skills to become sustainable, and who they want to be. Thank you for your generous donations that enable us to create a brighter future for less privileged children.

Reaching out to the less privileged children under our support.

During this month we have visited different less privileged children under our support with an intention of observing how they survive every day. Many children are facing a challenging situation in meeting their basic needs including food and medication. Some live with their elderly grandparents who are no longer working. This forces some of these little children to involve themselves in activities that can help them to get money and meet some of the basic needs. With your support, we are trying much as we can to make a change in the lives of less privileged children in the Masaka community.

Hear from Nasuuna Lydia who stays with her elderly grandmother. "During my weekends and holidays, I collect firewood and burn charcoal that we sell to get money to meet our daily essentials at home. Thank you, Youth With A Vision for supporting us always by giving us food at home and paying for my school fees "

Skills and talent development Promoting talents is also another way of preparing less privileged children for a brighter future. In this month less privileged children under our care have got a chance to develop their talents in music dance and drama. Children have got training on how to play different musical instruments like trumpets, trombones, saxophones, and other instruments. In addition, they have also started practicing traditional dance which also helps them to learn about their cultures. Through music dance and drama, we aim at giving children therapy that can take away the stress out of them and make them experience a sense of belonging.

Children in a music lesson.

We have empowered youth to start their enterprise.

The transition to adulthood has always been an issue and a hard time for many youths. This is because access to financial and social assets is limited, and creates further complications on the quality of their lives.

Two brothers have been supported to start up an enterprise. At the beginning of this month, two brothers Bwanika Shafiq and Ssemugera Hamza visited our office in need of help to start up a small business in Nyendo Trading Center. Before coming to Youth With A Vision we were unemployed youth staying with our single mother in a single rental room, we have been moving the door to door looking for some small jobs like digging, helping market vendors to hawk clothes door to door during the COVID 19 period to earn a living but paid little per day yet we had to take care of our mother and ourselves which gave us hard time up to when our friend informed us more about Youth With A Vision – Finance Scheme where we applied and accessed a loan. We were assisted to develop a realistic business plan, assigned a mentor, and offered a start-up loan of UGX: 300,000, £61, €69, $82 which helped us to start up a chappati-making business in Nyendo town – Kampala road. We bought essentials including salt, cooking oil and wheat flour, and other materials like a charcoal stove, counter, table, frying pan, umbrella amongst others. We are happy that we are now self-employed and earning our own source of income, we have hope that our business will progress within a short period of time. We humbly thank Youth With A Vision for giving us support to overcome poverty. Empowering youth to kick start their own enterprises is the key to snatch them out of poverty.

Mary has been helped to boost her business after it was affected by the COVID 19 outbreak

During November we have provided support and interest-free stimulus loan to the youth through the Youth Finance Scheme. Mary Namugenyi is one of the youths that we have helped to boost their enterprises during the pandemic. Mary received a loan of £223, ($286), (€278), (UGX: 1,000,000) to boost her Kwagala Drug Shop in Kayirikiti Trading center. Mary’s drug shop was just one and half years old before the outbreak of the pandemic and as the pandemic increased things changed, Mary's potential customers went back to their home villages and others moved to new places as people were looking for food and cheap rental houses. However, with the stimulus interest-free loan, Namugenyi is expecting to have a successful drug shop, earn an income, and be able to take good care of her child, parents, and her siblings.

Unfortunately due to our limited resources, we can't help all youth in need of support to boost their employment without your help. So we are seeking your continued support to enable us to reach out to more youth who are still struggling to boost their businesses. We thank you, supporters and donors, for your tireless passion to drive change that will ensure that all the youth become self-reliant.

APPEALS We are running a number of appeals and campaigns, and we can't have a breakthrough without you. Therefore, we are kindly requesting you to support Youth With A Vision in any of the following ways you can. Giving Tuesday GivingTuesday is a single day in a year when the world comes together with the sole purpose of giving back to their family, friends, community, and Charity. If you can, please participate in our auction of art paintings offered by Olympus Arts, as part of our #givingtuesday activities. We need a motorcycle for pressing transport needs We need a breakthrough with the acquisition of a motorcycle to effectively conduct regular appraisal and mentorship of youth enterprises. We need our own and cheap transport means for regular distribution of study materials for students who are still studying from home. We need to make regular checks on the welfare of children in foster care. We also need to carry sick children to the hospital, and to pick and distribute medicines for children living with HIV/AIDS. Please if you can donate to provide a motorcycle. We are in need of £1,100 (€1,320) ($1,400) UGX: (4,950,000) so that we buy a motorcycle to have a breakthrough with pressing transport demands. Contributions and in-kind donations are welcome.

We are collecting Christmas Food Parcels and Gifts for kids For this year's Christmas, we shall abide by the SOPs, and not gather children for a meal, instead we shall pack and distribute parcels to foster families and door to door. Your generosity will not only ensure that every child in Youth With A Vision's care receives a gift, but also surprise and delight children as they open a Christmas gift during a time of unexpected challenges. And will remind them that they are known, they are loved, and they matter. Click here to Read More about the Kids Christmas Day

Participate in the virtual Dine So They Can Day As you are all aware, that Dine So They Can is our annual and major fundraising event, it was affected by the COVID-19. Gatherings are not yet possible. So we are hosting the event online as a crowdfunding campaign which started on 3rd October 2020 and still running. Our goal is to raise £7,000 ($9,133) (€7,723) (UGX: 32,200,000) for the construction of a disabled access toilet at Safe Care Primary School, and phase one construction of 2 classrooms at ST. Catherine and Auntie Sarah Primary schools that provide affordable and quality education to less privileged children in our care. Thanks to all of you who have donated in support of the campaign. So far we have raised £180! The community has already provided bricks needed for the construction, and some labour at half the price. We are all a family, and families come together in all seasons. The more supporters, the merrier it is. Please participate; help to advocate for the campaign, encourage and ask your networks to make ONE day of the week their day of giving to support the campaign. Watch the video to find out how your donation can help to provide a conducive learning environment for the less privileged children who can't afford the cost of most schools. MAKE A DONATION IN SUPPORT OF VIRTUAL DINE SO THEY CAN DAY

Participant in our online auction.

We are auctioning these items to raise funds to provide homeschooling education opportunities to the less privileged children who are still stuck at home. Participate

Sponsor A Child

Sponsoring a child is an effective way to provide opportunities for prosperity to all children and communities in need. When you sponsor a child, you help to provide to him or her the basic necessities, including better nutrition, basic healthcare, education, economic opportunities, access to clean water, and a place to call home to help them reach their God-given potential. We need alongside us to facilitate the development of children trapped by poverty in Uganda. The children below are in desperate need of a sponsor. Please sponsor or help them get a sponsor now. Nakyetiba Patricia Nalubega Alice Martha Sponsor Magezi Eliezer Sponsor Kalyango Fred Sponsor Naamala Prossy Kannakulya Eric Click here for the other children in need of a sponsor

To gift less privileged children and youth an opportunity for a better life Donate Online with PayPal, Credit and Debit card

Your monthly donation will help to sustain our vital projects By investing as little as £10.00 or $10.00 or €10.00 a month, you would help sustain Youth With A Vision and help us reach more children and youth who need our doors open all the time! Your donation goes farther to provide food, education and employment opportunities, and protection for the less privileged children and youth in Uganda.

Your donation will fund our non-sponsored projects, non-sponsored children and youth who are struggling to turn a corner in life.

Donate Direct into our Bank Account Country of Bank Account: Uganda Account Number: 5053284001 Account Holders Name: YOUTH WITH A VISION Bank Name: DIAMOND TRUST BANK UGANDA LIMITED Bank Address: DIAMOND TRUST BUILDING 17-19 KAMPALA ROAD, KAMPALA SWIFT/BIC: DTKEUGKA

By donating to Youth With A Vision’s Kids Christmas Appeal you can ensure that every child in our care receives a gift this Christmas.

Buy from Our OnlineShop and Gift Catalog are great places to pick up lots of great gift merchandise for you, your friends, and family, all of which is just another way that you can make our vital work with the vulnerable children, youth, and families possible. Most of these merchandises are made by children and youth on the program!

In Gratitude and Solidarity John Mugabi Founder and Director Leandrew Muleme Project Manager - Child Development Juliet Nampanja Kizza Project Manager - Youth Finance Scheme #Tubayiirawoomubiri #RiseOverCovid #youthwithavisionUpdates

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