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Can you sponsor Tracy?

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Tracy Nakabuye.

Date of Birth: 19th July 2010

Tracy is one of the less privileged children looking for someone to sponsor her. Tracy is a silent and clever girl. Her mother died when she was too young. Every child likes to leave happy with his or her parents but Tracy has never experienced that in life. She was left under the care of her elderly grandparents who cannot afford to fulfil her needs. At home, they sometimes fail to get what to eat and they go to bed very hungry.

She always misses school due to the failure of her parents to raise school fees.

Tracy has a dream of becoming a teacher. Sponsor Tracy and help her fulfil her dream and help her drive her family out of poverty.

at £24 per month, you can sponsor Tracy and become a light in her life

Sponsor now.

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