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‘’I was hardworking, and wasn’t a beggar before, but now see what is happening to me! I often cry and feel not worthy whenever I can’t send my children to school.

It hurts me so much when I can’t feed them either. I have tried to lookup for a job, but I can’t find a paying job because I don’t have the skills required.

The casual jobs I come across and do only help to provide food for my children but not house rent. Friends are tired of me because I am poor and appear as a beggar to them. Zulah’’

And, Hilda her firstborn adds; "I am growing up in the background that even

my mom wakes up in the morning and forgets that she had kids at home because of poverty. I forgot about breakfast, meat, sugar, shoes, and safe menstruation. When I try to go to school, they send me back home because I don’t have money for tuition and materials. And when I reach home, I find all my other siblings had already been sent back and mom was not sure where our lunch will come from. As a girl and a firstborn, I always wonder whether there will happen a day in our lives when mom gets an income and she can feed, clothe and educate me and all my siblings. Hilda’’

This is a story of a desperate family headed by a young single mother of 5 children who narrowly missed death after a domestic wrangle involving her husband’s family over the land she was plowing to provide food for her children. And because of her low levels of education, for over 6 years now, she has never had access to a paying job. So it is a daily struggle for her to provide food, shelter, medical care, clothing, and bedding for herself and her children.

There are different ways you can support this family to turn around i.e.

Sponsor Hilda to access education and start to break the cycle of poverty.

Sponsor Rahim to access education and start to break the cycle of poverty.

Feed this family for one week - £14

Donate towards empowering this family to get a stable income - £300

Provide clothes to this family - £55 (in-kind is welcome)

Pay or donate towards house rent for this family - £35 a month

Please do it here: and caption Zulah’s Family

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