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Isn't it a shame that over 22 children under our program missed school lunch meals?

Updated: May 9, 2021

Every day, at the children's department we receive on average 7 phone calls and 3 visitors seeking our support with education related issues including school lunch meals. This gives us a huge number of less privileged children who are in need of our support yet our resources are very limited and are yet to expand.

During the past month of April 2021 it’s unfortunate that 22 children in different schools enrolled in our feeding program have missed lunch meals due to the limited fund. The feeding program is aimed at giving less privileged children at least a lunch meal every day in foster homes and in schools. When children stay at school without eating, it affects their growth, reduces their concentration at school, and limits their participation. This is one of the reasons why some children end up dropping out of school.

Maria tells it all how it feels to stay at school without a meal.

" Spending 10 hours at school without eating makes me yarn, sleepy, and hungry. Every day I admire children who always eat meals at school when it's lunchtime. My academic performance is low because I don’t pay attention when the teachers are teaching am always hungry. When I get a chance to receive food at school, I promise to study hard and improve my performance"

Kaitesi Maria Assumpta.

Ssunga Primary School

Support us today and save a starving child with a lunch meal.

Visit and read about the feeding program.

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