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Save Mairah - give her a heart.

Mairah, is a 3-year-old girl who was born prematurely to a single teenage mother under our program. Right from her birth, she has been falling sick and the sickness has always been mistaken to be pneumonia.

Last January, she got an attacker and was taken to Doctor's Clinic, where she was diagnosed with symptoms related to heart problems.

In May this year, she got sick again and was taken to another hospital where she was diagnosed with heart disease and was referred to Uganda Heart Institute.

The Uganda Heart Institute is in charge of locally available medications and coordination of specialised heart surgery and medications required outside of the country.

The institute described Mairah's condition as critical and requiring two urgent heart surgeries. The second surgery is to be determined by the impact of the first surgery and responsiveness after the procedure.

Heart surgery is a specialised procedure which is not available in Uganda but will be done in India.

We are raising £7,976 for Mairah's surgery, welfare and air transportation. When we raise this money, the Uganda Heart Institute will make arrangements with the medical facility in India to receive Mairah for heart surgery in November 2023.

So far, we have secured passports for Mairah and her mother as well as a yellow book for fever vaccinations.

Mariah is a lively girl but because of the deterioration of her health, and the pain she is experiencing, her face is now swollen, and her hands plus the rips are turning black. She can not stand for a long time, and her appetite is very low.

Through our Health Care program, we wish to support Mairah's and we need your help to raise enough money for Mairah's heart surgery.

Click on the link below to donate to Mairah's Surgery

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