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A cup of porridge for a lunch meal boosts the performance of children

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

During the past few months, we have been busy providing lunch meals to children in Masaka Schools.

Usually, the school bell rings at 1:00 pm Ugandan time and students who paid to have a lunch meal are the only ones that line up to receive a cup of porridge or a Posho and beans for a lunch meal. For those who didn’t pay, they either go in the field to play or sleep until the bell rings for all students to go back to their respective classes for evening lessons. It is always very hard for students who had not eaten anything to concentrate in lessons.

The impact

It is so heartening when a generous donor makes it possible for us to say ‘’yes’’ to one more child, youth, or deserving family who needs us. Please know how grateful we are to you for your contributions and donations towards lunch meals for the less privileged children we work with.

Since 2010 the feeding program has so far benefited over 2025 students (1,000 girls and 1,025 boys aged 3 years and 16 years) both in schools and foster homes. We have overall raised $2151.62 for our Give a needy child a lunch meal – A cup of porridge project. Your donation greatly adds up to this and it has enabled Youth With A Vision (YWAV) to secure funds to maintain lunch meals for less privileged children in Uganda. With your donation, we have provided lunch meals to over 267 orphans and less privileged children in 6 schools (including Ssunga Primary School, ST. Kizito Gayaza Primary School, Kyassuma Primary School, Kitenga Primary School, Nyendo Public Primary School, ST. Anthony Secondary School), and 3 foster families!

We thank you so much for your donation, and I want to share some thanks from one of the children that benefited:

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