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A little more of how your donations are helping others during this difficult time.

Updated: May 8, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the way we live and care for others. Many youth have been disadvantaged and have not been thought for as populations largely affected by the pandemic! During our food relief distribution

progrmmes, we have discovered that many youth have been deliberately left out on food relief simply because some agencies working on Covid-19 food aid programmes think that youth; apart from those operating motorcycle transport commonly known as boda bodas don’t need food support through the pandemic.

Therefore, we are working hard to create awareness and also to ensure that youth who are struggling to make ends meet get food and essentials through the pandemic.

Before the Covid-19 outbreak, through our Youth Finance Scheme, we had supported many youth to start up their own enterprises and become financially sustainable.

However, all their enterprises have collapsed and a big number of owners have already gone back to the state of being unemployed. They have no income at all, they are just limping and are at a greater risk of hunger due to lockdown as a measure to stop the spread of COVID-19. And currently they can’t even imagine life after COVID-19!

Thanks to your kind donations!

Because of your donations, families in Masaka Uganda who otherwise would not have enough to eat during the COVID-19 pandemic, are smiling because they receive more than just lunch; they receive liquid soap for a sanitizer, children especially those preparing to write their national examinations are receiving televised classes, and learning materials provided by the ministry of education which we download from the internet and other much-needed essentials.

In this video is Agnes Namwanje one of the beneficiaries of the Youth Finance Scheme who has been greatly affected by lockdown due to COVID-19, echoing her gratitude after receiving food and essentials as a result of your donation.

We have provided food relief to many families and communities, however, with unemployment continuing to go up, more youth especially young parents are finding themselves struggling to make ends meet and many families are wondering how they will get through this new month and beyond. And this is why your donations are still needed to continue providing food and essentials for the most vulnerable communities.

If you would like to contribute to our Covid-19 Appeal please Donate Now on It is secure and simple with your PayPal and card.

We appreciate whatever you are able to do to enable us reach more families hit hardest by COVID-19 outbreak.

Thank you so much

John Mugabi

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