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Kids Christmas Party 2020
Every year we have been organizing a kids Christmas party where all less privileged children under our care from different centres and schools join together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
But due to the covid-19 pandemic that has restricted gatherings, we have been unable to organize a party instead we have decided to give out food parcels to the families of the less privileged children under our care. we managed to distribute 130 food parcels to 130 less privileged families

Kids Christmas Party 2019


Despite the heavy morning rainfall, on Monday 16 December 2019, over 120 children under the care of Youth With A vision from different parts of the Greater Masaka region gathered at Kayirikiti Foster home and celebrated Christmas. Initially, we had planned to provide food, soda and a gift for 140 children but because of the financial limitations, we managed to provide food for all the 120 children, but a bottle of a soda and a gift for only 80 children. Just 40 of our children missed out on a bottle of soda and a gift to open this Christmas! Leandrew and Juliet the staff of YWAV faced some hard time to explain why not all kids got gifts!


The celebrations involved a lot of fun including face painting, mimes, plays and stories about the birth of Baby Jesus. Ms. Namakula Gladys a Team leader from Ssunga area taught children the meaning of Christmas day and encouraged them to behave well and respect others like baby Jesus did.


We served ripe sweet banana for a dessert and a kids' favorite dish of Banana and rice with meat and Peanut for those who are allergic to meat. After the meals and entertainment, 80 of 120 children received Christmas gifts of a basin to enable children to bath and wash their clothes. Three sponsored children got gifts from their sponsors - two got a mattress and one got a blanket and bedsheets. Everyone enjoyed it, was so happy and excited! We then transported back all the children to their residences.


Thank you so much Helen Elliott,Nantale Kitale, Kitch Richie, Heather Swailes, Andrew Hince, Chay Targett for your kind donations which made it possible for the less privileged children to feel the spirit and the meaning of Christmas like any other kids.


‘’ I am so happy and excited. I have had fun, eaten meat and drunk soda. This has been my real Christmas and I will always remember this Day!

Thank you for caring for me!

Damalie Pretty Zziwa

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