Who are the beneficiaries and how much is the size of the loan? 


The Youth Financial Scheme benefits disadvantaged young people who are focused to change their status. 10 youth who pioneered this project in 2015 received loans and started their businesses in poultry, piggery, secretarial and craft businesses. Mentors are offering them periodical support and guidance to enable them to run successful businesses. Currently the maximum loan amount is UGX: 1,000,000= (1 million) per business. However, when we get more resources our wish is to increase the loan amount to suit individual business needs. 


Success stories

Nsubuga Joseph

Nsubuga poulty Farm

I am Nsubuga Joseph a beneficiary of Youth Finance Scheme, in 2018 I had an idea of starting a poultry farm, I had no money to start a business and my life was hard for me. Someone told me about Youth with A Vision went there with my Idea. They told me to bring my business plan and I had no idea of writing a business plan and they helped me, to write a good business plan. They provided me an internship which gave me the courage to continue with my business idea of a poultry farm. I received a loan of UGX 1,500,000 to start up my own poultry business. I started with 200 layer birds. This business greatly changed my life. I got enough grace period and this helped me to get enough time for the chicken to start laying and to sell eggs. The chicken give 10-11 trays of eggs a day.

I get enough money which has helped to pay my monthly loan instalments, take good care of my family and also to employ two youths who are helping me.

My future plan is to boost my poultry farm to 1000 layer birds, start producing own feeds for the chicken and even to create more jobs for other youth who are in the condition I was before knowing Youth With A Vision.

May God bless the work of Youth With A Vision for changing my life and for giving me the courage to do it.

Nsubuga Joseph

Nsubuga poultry farm


Brick Maker

I am Lule Musa a beneficiary of Youth Finance Scheme, in 2017 I was unemployed and life was hard for me. I went to youth with a vision with a plan and I requested a loan to start my own business in order to earn a living. My proposal for a loan was granted and I received UGX 1,000,000, I started up brick making business which greatly changed my life. I got enough grace period and this helped me to get enough time to make bricks and sell them. After selling my bricks I got enough money that has helped to pay back my loan and also to start other businesses and meet my needs. I can now pay school fees for my children, cater for medication and to see that we live in a happy life.
My future plan is to boost my Brick Making business and I hope to start dairy farming and I have secured most of the materials to start this business I hope it will sustain my life.
Thanks, youth with A Vision for changing my life may you live to change the lives of the youth as you did to me.

Lule Musa 

God is provider Brick Makers And  Suppliers

Meet the beneficiaries

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