Through child sponsorship, you can be the STAR in the life of a child in need. You can make sure they grow up healthy, educated, safe, and helps a child to achieve a dream in life.

Someone is waiting for your support

Sponsoring a child is an effective way to contribute your help to individuals and communities in need, without ever leaving home.

Your gift will help provide your sponsored child and other children in desperate need with the basic necessities that can help them reach their God-given potential, including access to resources like clean water, better nutrition, basic healthcare, education, spiritual nurture, and economic opportunities for his or her.

A child's life in our poor region of Masaka is about struggle and even harder. Very many children grow up without access to basic needs in life, clothing, bedding, food, health care, and protection. They will never have an education, treats, or love. But at best boards to sleep on, rugs to wear, dumped sacks for beddings, and a cup of porridge as a day's meal, garbage bins, trenches, and alleys for homes. Sponsoring a child is the only way you could give such a child hope and assurance for the future.

How child sponsorship works

Child sponsorship connects people like you with children that are miles away and far from hope and gives you the opportunity to share some love into their lives. As a sponsor, you give a monthly or annual gift. This gift not only enable a needy child to return or stay in school and acquire quality education to turn a corner in life, but also help to develop a child as a leader who will create positive changes needed to make our region later on the world a safe and desirable place for all living beings to inhabit.


What does my money pay for?

When you sponsor a child your money sends them to school, helps feed them, buys books, uniforms, and other materials needed for schooling, and covers some medical needs. It funds; the child?s participation in community development missions, seminars, and conferences that address issues that affect life, as well as ongoing mentoring and support. However, you may wish to give additional in-kind gifts to your sponsored child or administration.

How long will sponsorship last?

Under normal circumstances sponsorship ends or is renewed when a child finishes a specific education level. This means that the duration of your support can vary a great deal; however, you may opt to offer sponsorship any time you feel you want to.

What happens if I cannot continue as a sponsor?
If your circumstances change and you can no longer sponsor a child, we will understand. However, we will need to find another sponsor for the child as soon as we can. So we ask you to let us know if you decide to 

end your support.

How do I keep track of my sponsorship?

We will send you a photo of your child, information about the child's family and community, regular academic and welfare updates and personal letters from your sponsored child.

Thank you for your interest in child sponsorship with Youth With A Vision! Sponsorship costs just:

  • $25/ £20 / €22 a month per child in primary school.

  • $45/ £35 / €38 a month per child in secondary school.

  • $692/ £515 / €637 a semester per student in University.

All of the children below are in need of support to attend school.

Meet Kalyango Fred

Fred is an orphan. He is a kind and silent boy. He has four siblings.

He stays at Youth With A Vision's foster family at Kayirikiti Village.

He needs education and other basic needs like any other child.

Meet Eric Waswa Kanakulya

Eric is a humble boy who was born with a disability he stays with his mother and his 4 siblings. Eric's mother struggles hard to look for Eric and his 4 siblings since she is a single mum and she has no steady source of income. 

eric needs a sponsor to access his needs like any other child.

Meet Luyinda Aron

Aron  is a happy and cool boy. He is free and likes to associate with friends. Aron has one brother and one sister. His father is not known and  his mother serves as a waitress in the local restaurant earning very small amount of money, not enough to provide for her children. Aron and his siblings, all stay in the care of their grandmother who depends on growing seasonal products to get their basic necessities.

Magezi Eliaza

Magezi is a clever boy. he is in primary two. magezi was abandoned by his parents.

He is always laughed by his fellow children at school since he always comes to school without scholastic materials. Magezi's  performance is always disturbed. Magezi needs a sponsor 

Meet Nalubowa Noeline 

Noeline is a very kind girl. She has Three siblings.

one girl and two boys. Her mother is the only source for the family and her occupation makes Noeline miss her basic need since it can not sustain the family.

Noeline needs support to access education and other basic needs like any other child.

Meet Naamala Prossy

Prossy is a happy and a kind girl with little words.

Prossy's Father died and now she lives with her mother and her little siblings. Her healthy condition is ever unstable and unfortunately her mother cannot afford her medication and at the same time paying her school fees.

prossy needs a sponsor to go to school.

Meet Mukasa Joseph 

Mukasa Joseph Bukenya is a humble and silent boy. He stays with his foster Parent.

His mother had a mental disorder and she was impregnated by an unknown father.


By God's mercy, Joseph's mother gave birth to him and during joseph's childhood, his mother used to feed him with unboiled water.

His mother died when he was still a baby and Joseph was rescued by now his foster parent.

Due to his childhood suffering, he got a disability. One of his hands is paralyzed. 

Joseph deserves basic necessities like any other child. His foster parent can not afford to buy him all the needs he wants.

Meet Nakyetiba Patricia

Patricia is a brave girl. She was abandoned by her mother at the age of 2 years.

She now stays with her Stepmother. She finds it hard to meet her needs and also misses school meals due to the failure of her stepmother to raise the school fees.

Patricia needs a sponsor to meet her dream of becoming a teacher.

Desmond is a clever boy who likes playing with friends.

He lives with her mother and brother.

His mother got an accident that made her disabled yet she was the only source of support.

While his friends are at school, Desmond remains home.

Desmond needs a sponsor to go to school.


Meet Kalyango Desmond

Meet Nalubega Shania

Shania is a happy girl who likes to play hide and seek with friends. Her mother died during delivery and the relatives had no clear information about her father.

Shania now stays with her Aunt who also struggles to look for her children.


Shania is now in primary one and sometimes misses out at school due to the failure of Aunt to pay her school fees in time.

Shania needs a parent love and a sponsor to help her stay in school and help him meet her needs like any other child.

Meet Nabulya Maria 

Nabulya Maria is an orphan. She is a kind and happy girl. she has four siblings.

She stays at Youth With A Vision's foster family at Kayirikiti Village.

Maria is in Primary three and she wants to study hard and become a nurse and treat sick people.

Maria needs education and other basic needs like any other child.

Racheal is a clever girl.

Her mother died when she was only 3 years and was left under the care of her helpless grandparents.

Racheal always misses out on basic needs

While at home Racheal helps her grandparents in chores like cooking cleaning the house washing dishes and also cooking food.

During her free time, she enjoys rope skipping and also playing with friends.

Racheal wants to be a social worker.


Sponsor Racheal now. 

Meet Nakawooya Racheal

Meet Ingabire Doreen

My name is Doreen Ingabire a first-year student at Masaka school of Comprehensive Nursing.

my family has sacrificed a lot to see that I fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse to help sick people at the same time support my family. My dream is gradually disappearing since my mother has failed to raise money for the next semester.

My mother's Job got over yet she is a strong pillar as far as paying my tuition is concerned. I pray to God every day to send me a savior who can save my dream and awake the hope that my family has in me.   


Meet Nakyejwe Jackline

Jackeline Nakyejjwe was born on 15th February 2000 and both parents are yet to be traced. She was brought into the foster care of Youth With A Vision on 20th  April 2004. Together with her sponsor, we have been taking care of her. However, her sponsor got ill last December 2019 and could not continue to support her.

Jackie is in her final year of high school at Trinity College Nabbingo and she needs sponsorship for tuition and registration for her National Advanced Certificate of Education Examinations.


Jackie is a nice and hardworking girl and if she misses out on the registration for the National exams, it means all her six years of High School will be wasted and she will have to repeat another year which is expensive and demoralizing.

Whereas Jackie’s school opened on 15th October 2020, she hasn’t accessed school yet registration for her final exams starts straight away and the administration wants at least 75% of tuition and examinations fees paid before she can be allowed into school.

Jackie is remaining with two terms to complete High School and for each term, her tuition varies.

For the second term, she needs £266 |€ 329 |$357 (including stationery)

For the third term, she needs £266 |€ 329 |$357 (including stationery)

If Jackie performs well at this stage, which she is capable of, she will be eligible to join any University or institution to pursue a career with a partial or full government sponsorship.  

Your full-term or full-year sponsorship or a contribution of any amount can go really far towards providing the education of Jackie and will have an impact on her and her offsprings. To sponsor Jackie please click on the sponsor me button now.


Thank you in advance for supporting Jackie to go to resume school! We couldn’t do this without generous friends like you.

Nassaazi Eva

Eva Nassaazi was born on 19th December 2000 her father died from a stroke and her mother disappeared living her with an aged and helpless grandmother. Eva has been struggling to keep at school. She has often been sent back home for tuition which has always not been available and she ends up missing out on the curriculum. On 15th December 2019, Eva was brought into our foster care while in need of funding to resume and complete her fourth year of High School at ST. Jude Secondary School. Eva is a very hardworking and devoted girl and if she misses school this year it means she can’t pursue any career. Yet after completing the fourth year she can branch-off and pursue a junior course in some areas of study. Even though Eva’s school opened already on 27th January 2020, for her she has not yet started due to a lack of funds for tuition and registration fees for her Ordinary Level Examination. Her school wants at least 75% of tuition and examinations fees paid before she can be allowed into school.

For this fourth year, Eva’s tuition varies and is as below; For this second term she needs £200|€247 |$268 (including stationery) For the third term she needs £200|€247 |$268 (including stationery)

Nalubega Alice Martha

Nalubega Alice Martha was born on 15th October 2005. Since her childhood, Martha is staying with her single mother and she is the only support for the family. Her mother pays her school fees to cater for house rent billings, food, and all the necessities of the family.

Getting school fees is difficult for Alice she most of the time misses school due to the failure of her mother to raise fees.


Alice is in Senior 3 and her dream is to be a doctor.

Please sponsor Alice and help her fulfill her dream.

Nakimbugwe Swabulah Was born on 29th January 2005. Swabulah is a silent and Kind girl. She has 6 siblings. Her mother is a food vendor and her father is bedridden and jobless. This makes Swabulah’s mother the only support for the entire family. Swabulah is senior three but she always misses school due to her mother’s failure to raise school fees.

According to her mother, Swabulah is the only hope left for the family since her elder siblings dropped out of school due to poverty. Swabulah performs well in academics and her future dream is to be a nurse.

Sponsor swabulah today and help her meet her future dream of becoming a nurse.

Nakimbugwe Swabulah

Zalwango Prossy

Prossy  is a silent girl and  playful while with friends.

Prossy stays with her mother with her siblings. Her mother has been working on her own to support the family. 

Finding a sponsor will help to support Prossy through her education.

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