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Meet Kavuma Jeremiah, a 3 years old boy born with a defect on his body called imperforate anus a condition that makes it difficult for him to pass stool normally from his rectum out of the body.


His mother found out this few days after the delivery and he took him to the hospital to find a way how Jeremiah can pass out stool. At an early age, Jeremiah was operated to create an outlet.

It has turned that Jeremiah needs another operation urgently so that he can release stool in a normal way like another child.


Jeremiah’s needed a second operation on 16th July 2019 at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital.

This operation required UGX 900,000 |$245 | £194 |EURO 216 in order to be conducted.


It was Unfortunate that his parents were unable to raise this amount.

Thanks to Andrew Hince and SR. Leah Kinyua for your generous contributions which enabled Jeremiah's Surgery. We also thank all of you who prayed for Jeremiah's surgery and provided counseling to his mum.

initially, Jeremiah's surgery was meant to be done on 16th  July 2019 but due to the high number of patients on the surgery list, it was beyond the doctor's capacity and so Jeremiah was referred on 17th July 2019, which was the following day.

After the surgery, Jeremiah's were responding well to the system and the doctors were considering to discharge him early to prevent him from acquiring related to the congestion in the hospital. But on Saturday 20th July 2019, he raised noncompliance and the discharge was referred.

however, he was discharged on Monday 22nd July 2019 at 06:00 pm and he was asked to report back on 16th July 2019 for review.


Thanks a lot for taking a step in saving a life.

Youth With A Vision appreciates your ongoing support. Together we are Stronger!


After two years of suffering from an imperforate anus, Jeremiah was operated and finally got a normal anus.

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