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Become a member of Team Youth With A Vision, composed of special members who donate a modest contribution each month to Youth With A Vision, and who contribute £24 to £2,400 annually.


If you have ever prepared a household budget, you know how valuable it is to be able to rely on a regular monthly income. And that is why we are turning to you now, humbly requesting you to become a member of our giving TEAM by making a small donation every month to keep our programs going! 


When you join the Team, you will receive a newsletter each month (with photos and stories from beneficiaries) highlighting our organization's latest activities and successes for you to read and evaluate. There are many benefits of joining this team, not the least of which is the knowledge you'll have that you are part of something life changing. 


Of course, you are under no obligation. There are several convenient ways to set up your monthly contribution and to change the amount or cancel it in the future if need be. Simply click the DONATE button below to set up or change amount or cease your monthly gift.


If you are not able to donate to us monthly at this time, please be assured that whatever support you can offer us is very much appreciated.

Team Youth With A Vision Members are recognized by their subscription categories as;

  • Anchor £2

  • Energizer £5

  • Visionary £10

  • Bridge £20

  • Ambassador £50

  • Samaritan £100

  • Steward £200

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